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2/18/2015 c2 24ObsessedwReading
Wonderfully written.
2/18/2015 c1 ObsessedwReading
Great chapter and fanfiction.
2/16/2015 c1 12ArtChica
I think you've done a great job interpreting Clarisse. She's not as rough around the edges as we see her in Riordan's books, but I think even in his stories she grew from a hard-as-nails bully to a fiercely loyal defender. The only suggestions I have are purely stylistic: write out the numbers instead of using numerals, or do away with specifics all together ("A few feet away, Chris smiled..."). Also, why do they love the Camp? I know everyone knows that they do, but stating the obvious can sometimes add power. The Camp is more than just a place for summer fun, it's their home, their safe house (as you said), their one place of peace and safety in a world that more often than not only offers suffering and death. Like I said, these suggestions are purely stylistic and therefore are completely up to you to ignore (it's your story and your style of writing after all). It's a great one-shot.
2/9/2015 c1 7Wrath of Nyx
This was so freaking awesome. Clarisse is freaking epic and I fully agree with Chris.
2/1/2015 c1 9BeautifulHalfBlood
Awesome! I love this! It's a unique side to Clarisse. Question, why is Hylla in the character tags?

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