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for A Different Kind of Haven

9/2/2018 c42 kenn.davis.56
I know this story is complete but I never got around to finishing it, however in this chapter I think you have forgotten most of the conversation here was done at LAX, so no one should have been surprised when the Scoobies showed up.

And who is Jason?
1/28/2016 c45 ambielynn1980
I just loved it. What happened between Duke and Buffy once she got back.
9/10/2015 c45 16king of nightmares and dragons
great story can't wait for the next one it will be interesting to see how much buffy affect the haven universe now that she done with sunnydale
2/17/2015 c27 king of nightmares and dragons
well at least adruey got some laughs and what does buffy want with vince and david maybe she already starting a new council or finding vampires
2/11/2015 c26 king of nightmares and dragons
oh no spike is able to walk during the day only in haven but he has comption for buffy heart in duke and if adurey does what I think she going to do she will have problems with buffy
2/4/2015 c25 king of nightmares and dragons
okay I have to say this is one of the best haven crossover I read and now with Audrey their it get more interesting the troubles mix with vampire demon and many more now the question will be is a slayer immune to the trouble. can't wait for the next chapter hope to see one of my favorite charcter faith in haven soon should be interesting and the conversation between Audrey and buffy is going to be fun to anyway great job can't wait for next chapter
1/30/2015 c24 Jess
Hi. Your story is pretty good and really well written, I don't usually review but I hardly think it's fair that you only have two reviews. Btw I'm really curious about the next chapter. Please keep on writing.
1/20/2015 c1 randyzoopurple
1/1/2015 c9 Guest
Love your story. I cantt wait to read more.

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