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for Love at the 1st sight

9/21/2015 c2 IarIz
XD yup Faith and Anger. She s our Touka allright.
5/3/2015 c5 Delta Marauder
So fluffy! So cute! Keep up the good work!
12/19/2014 c5 someone
Kinda rare to find any completed fanfictions of tokyo ghoul, so Great job in being a part of these noble ranks and that you produce better and update regularly because this fanfic eeminded me of Why exactly I ship touken

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12/19/2014 c2 beta of ages
Error at"Hey your coffee will get could"
12/13/2014 c5 FreakyFee94
Aww, that was cute! :D
12/13/2014 c1 touken lovers
i love your stories about touken please add more and make rating M hehehe

keep writing ok
12/12/2014 c5 Guest
awwww, I like it, please, when the tg : re chapter 10 spoilers, can you make a fanfic about it, its because I love your fanfics.
12/12/2014 c4 akabarii
gosh darn it I just want Sasaki to remembers already ;A; sobs

(and so yomo became the third wheel)
12/12/2014 c4 FreakyFee94
Really good! I want more! :*
12/11/2014 c4 Ary
THAT'S What I need! It's so so so lovely, I really like it! Thank you so much for writing this! 3 ( I hope you keep updating this story!)
12/11/2014 c4 41xxxDreamingflowerxxx
I notice that you are writing in both past and present. You should better stick to one and I advise past tense, it's reads more comfortable to most readers.

The chapters are cute and very funny how Sasaki tries to flirt with Touka, but his jokes are only annoying her. XD

Damn 2 days left for the next raw. and it feels so long! It pulls be funny if Sasaki tried a lane pick up line in chapter 10. XD
12/11/2014 c3 sikaloolala
OMG that whipping cream licking!
Touka-chan, you naughty girl! I'll report this to your guardian aka Ayato-kun *cough*
I enjoy this fic very much! Thank you! please keep up this good work ;)
12/11/2014 c3 6TsukihanaYUE
Aww Haise and Touka is so cute I can't wait to read the lastest manga. Maybe you can write that Haise reunion with his old group.
12/11/2014 c3 akizaki14
I was eating a chocolate bar when i read the flirty part of "tastty kaneki" i accidently droppedit in my drink. That caught me off guard!
12/10/2014 c3 7miss strawberry
I want another chapter now, i dunno what's gonna happen but i wanna read more, pleaaaaaaaaase :D
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