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5/17/2017 c12 MewNeko22
Soooo where is Tucker? You have Sam and Danny. Oh an Dani? XD
3/8/2016 c12 MissMangaBookNerdess
Danny Phantom! I love him; they should have continued the show
3/7/2016 c50 R
I love your fic the ending is sooo cute I love all of your OC's so much Great fic
11/23/2015 c48 TGPALotus
Hi! Sorry, my logins broken. I'm TGPALotus. All I can say just happened?
11/1/2015 c46 TGPA Lotus
This was another great chapter! Thanks for adding the Rory x Honey, you did it really well. The only issue is that there were so many characters, I didn't remember them all... I remembered all the little ones (as in age) and some of the other OC's but I forgot some of the other ones. I'll figure out who they are eventually. As for a chapter idea, maybe you could have a host club sports festival like in the manga?
10/6/2015 c44 AndreaRamos2003
Reiko Reikoooo
10/5/2015 c43 TGPA Lotus
For some reason, stupid won't let me post a review on the last chapter, so for chapter 42, I love Rory and Honey! They are always cute, haha
10/5/2015 c44 TGPA Lotus
I'm so glad you included Reiko in this fanfiction! I don't know why, but she's always been a cool character for me. I love this story! Sad it doesn't get more reviews
9/19/2015 c43 bmg20
this was a fun chapter and as for costume ideas idk who it would work with but with all the hype right now for the new star wars movie it would be pretty cool to see some one dressed up as one of the cararcters
9/6/2015 c42 TGPA Lotus
Yay, Honey x Rory!
That was my request haha! This chapter was pretty cool, I like how you stuck to the storyline, but added in your OC's when needed.
9/3/2015 c6 Jess
I am trying to push through, but it is hard. The story is a bit slow.
8/9/2015 c2 Renee Dance
Nicely done. It was very... amusing and interesting to read, so keep up the good work.
8/9/2015 c1 Renee Dance
I feel so bad! It took me a long time to actually finish reading this chapter because I kept reading other ones. But now I'm glad I finally finished this chapter because it was really good! Nicely done and keep up the good work! :D Ah, and I totally understand why you combined the prologue and first chapter, it bugs me also when the chapters get all messed up like that.
7/25/2015 c1 3MaybeLawliet
"Nobody gets left behind or forgotten"

Well SOMEBODY watched lilo and stitch
7/19/2015 c37 1vivian777
that was romantic. I love it. (girly laugh)
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