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10/30 c1 guest
Um, and since when the fuck are the purebloods inbred? sorry to burst your worthless bubble, but they just happen to have a much higher genetic value than anyone else. Poor thing, I guess that doesn't comply with your "inbreeding" ideologies does it? Try not to be TOO jealous of superior looks, IQ levels, and abilities now.
9/1 c1 DramioneandDrarryfanforever
I have not read yet and I have just looked at the reviews this will be interesting to say the least
8/29 c51 2kimbclar
8/1 c51 3imnotoverlyobsessive
Eeee so cute
8/1 c44 imnotoverlyobsessive
Okay I want your Hogwarts prime game, but real talk: would there be sex? I need there to be sex. Would we get to choose who we play as?
8/1 c41 imnotoverlyobsessive
Nah, murder’s premeditated. Hermione didn’t plan that. Homeboy tried to kill her before, had just tried to kill her husband- he clearly had murderous intent, so whatever Hermione did was 100% self defense and therefore not murder.
8/1 c35 imnotoverlyobsessive
This chapter is so wholesome I’m actually concerned
8/1 c29 imnotoverlyobsessive
Eeeeeee finally!
8/1 c28 imnotoverlyobsessive
Dunno if anybody else has pointed this out yet but the drinking age in England is actually 18. Hermione wouldn’t need a fake ID, but Ginny would.
7/31 c23 imnotoverlyobsessive
Ah! Finally! Also side note but dom Draco is best Draco just sayin ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ )
7/31 c19 imnotoverlyobsessive
7/31 c18 imnotoverlyobsessive
Shit dude he’s totally in love with her
7/31 c17 imnotoverlyobsessive
Wow, I actually wasn’t expecting that. And that is astonishing for me; it’s very rare that a plot twist slips by me.
7/31 c16 imnotoverlyobsessive
I mean she’s not wrong, that’s exactly what girl talk is all about.
7/31 c14 imnotoverlyobsessive
I dunno why that’s so romantic, but that, “I would take you,” is SO romantic.
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