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7/31 c8 3imnotoverlyobsessive
Since this is such a big chapter I’m typing my thoughts out as I have them, so. This review is all over the place. Apologies.

Wait if the rings can’t come off then do they ever have that thing where you have an itch inside your sock and you can’t reach it and you’re kinda fucked? Or does the ring make the skin there immune to itches and the like?

Okay I haven’t read the sex part yet but I imagine they’re going to enjoy it more than they’re expecting. I hope it’s not totally miserable for them, anyway.

Okay I appreciate the fact that he’s trying not to scare her. That doesn’t just indicate he’s not a rapist, it also indicates that while he recognizes this is likely to be an unpleasant experience for her, he doesn’t want her to be afraid of him hurting her.

Also wouldn’t it make more sense to remove as little clothing as possible, if you’re trying to keep the sex as impersonal as possible? If it were me, I’d put on a nightgown and leave off the undies, take full advantage of my ketamine prescription, put in my headphones and pretend it wasn’t happening. I mean it’d either be that or sob through an anxiety attack the entire time and potentially have to go to the ER cause of my blood pressure spiking. “We can’t have sex, she almost had a stroke the last time we tried.”

I mean… they could cut off their fingers? What’s the ring gonna do, detect the location of their fingers?

Oooooooo that was far hotter than I was expecting. I’m looking forward to their reactions when they wake up!
7/31 c7 imnotoverlyobsessive
Give her a library and a vibrator, bud. I somehow doubt those rings allow for infidelity, and as it stands, she doesn’t see you for the hot piece of ass that you are, so ya gotta compensate somehow.
7/31 c5 imnotoverlyobsessive
This is so well written it’s actually somewhat alarming.
7/31 c1 imnotoverlyobsessive
Oh no of coooooourse he didn’t ask for you Hermione, nooooooo
3/29 c2 Serennos
No, I’m not discombobulated (yet). Family members are enjoying your story and like to comment too!
2/11 c51 ConflictedParadox88
This was intense. Thank you for writing it. It's amazing.
1/27 c51 Serennos
Very enjoyable. Thank you.
1/26 c36 Serennos
Love a squiffy Draco - Hilarious...
1/26 c29 Serennos
Draco’s inner thoughts and observations of Hermione are extremely well done...
1/26 c18 Serennos
Great action chapter...
1/26 c17 Serennos
1/25 c14 Serennos
Great chapter...
1/25 c9 Serennos
Great interactions so far. Your characters are well developed and align with the ‘originals’.
1/25 c6 Serennos
This is an absolute hoot!
1/25 c5 Serennos
Your writing style is so engaging...
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