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3/31/2020 c51 3DiagonAli
I do love a good marriage fic. always such good drama and emotions. this was a second time reading it and equally enjoyed it. catching little bits I didn't the first timeTheo said they learned a lot about the Malfoy wards/home from some crazy woman in Azkaban, you never said it outright, but I assume Ms. Fortune? subtle little detail, but I liked it.
1/25/2020 c51 7Meggie0205
Loved the story! I loved Draco's character development throughout the story! :)
1/10/2020 c51 Onali
Lovely story
12/16/2019 c51 6SixMagnitudeGirl
HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! I think Ron and Draco would always hate Viktor for being Hermione's first love :D HAHAAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE THAT PART. Draco being a trophy husband is so funny!
12/16/2019 c48 SixMagnitudeGirl
Good thing Lucius didn't Avada Hermione
12/16/2019 c47 SixMagnitudeGirl
Shit... I hope Hermione isn't being possessed.
12/16/2019 c46 SixMagnitudeGirl
I. Am. Super. Scared. Right. Now...
12/16/2019 c45 SixMagnitudeGirl
Hmm... I can imagine Narcissa throwing a fit :D
12/16/2019 c44 SixMagnitudeGirl
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH! Papa Malfoy took away his allowance and he is nervous... that was funny. I also like how the Malfoy family's confrontation is not really dramatic haahaahhahaaha! Yugo is the MVP of this story...
12/16/2019 c43 SixMagnitudeGirl
That was the nicest Lucius that Hermione is going to get hahahhahaahahahahha!
12/16/2019 c42 SixMagnitudeGirl
*sigh* That was heavy. I couldn't imagine Narcissa and Lucius ever being okay with Hermione... I like how Narcissa described how everything was and how was it in the beginning.
12/16/2019 c41 SixMagnitudeGirl
I like that Draco is terrified for Hermione... She needs someone to look out for her since she always compartmentalize. What happened to her is horrifying and to deal with her in laws from hell, the press (I hope the house ate Rita Skeeter) and the aurors... its too much...
12/16/2019 c40 SixMagnitudeGirl
Thank God for Yugo! I am so sick of Theo Nott one upping Hermione! Is he dead atleast?! Because if Hermione just left him there, she should have atleast cut off his hands or his family jewels!
12/16/2019 c39 SixMagnitudeGirl
Lucius and Narcissa are just awful! They are the worse!
12/16/2019 c38 SixMagnitudeGirl
Way to ruin a romantic moment, Narcissa... *sigh* Draco is hot but Hermione has to ask herself if it's worth it if Draco comes with Lucius and Narcissa and she will be in constant danger on her own home.
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