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12/16/2019 c37 6SixMagnitudeGirl
No could really understand how insensitive Pansy, Draco and Ginny are being. Sure, they were affected by the war but Harry has the war, riding on his shoulders and Hermione in the front lines, the one planning, making decisions. I love it when Harry and Hermione has a connection because that's how I've always imagined them. :D I love the scene where Hermione jumped! I thought Harry would be the second one to jump
12/16/2019 c35 SixMagnitudeGirl
That was nice... :D
12/16/2019 c34 SixMagnitudeGirl
I wish they included Ron AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! That would be hilarious!
12/16/2019 c33 SixMagnitudeGirl
What happened to Hermione really is creepy ahahaahahahahahahaha!
12/16/2019 c32 SixMagnitudeGirl
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Pansy is quite funny here! I could imagine Pansy and Ginny egging Hermione ahahhahhahahahaha!
12/16/2019 c31 SixMagnitudeGirl
Draco is planning on running away hahahhahahahahaa
12/16/2019 c30 SixMagnitudeGirl
The more insecure and hurt Draco is, the more cruel he gets. :D After all this time, he is still jealous of Harry.
12/16/2019 c26 SixMagnitudeGirl
Well then...
12/16/2019 c25 SixMagnitudeGirl
I think Pansy asking Draco was really Pansy asking Hermione for help...
12/16/2019 c24 SixMagnitudeGirl
I love how Draco is scared for Hermione... I think Hermione's fearlessness bordering to recklessness drives Draco crazy since he is attracted to her.
12/16/2019 c23 SixMagnitudeGirl
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! "Sexual tension, managed!D
12/16/2019 c22 SixMagnitudeGirl
Smart, Ministry of Magic, Tough, Ruthless Hermione! Yeah! I feel so empowered reading her with this type of characterization. :D
12/16/2019 c21 SixMagnitudeGirl
I like it when Hermione one ups someone! I really really really do! I shouted YEAH! when Hermione put that horrid Parkinson in his place.
12/16/2019 c20 SixMagnitudeGirl
I like Draco and Narcissa's confrontation... Narcissa and Lucius really coddled and spoiled Draco...
12/16/2019 c19 SixMagnitudeGirl
Draco wants to have sex but doesn't want to spend time with Hermione.
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