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for Flames of Youth

2/9/2015 c3 2Hammer n' Nail
A new chapter! This is quite funny truth be told. I specifically like Lukas (I have a soft spot for paladins). Anyways, before I get to rambling, I want to thank you for not updating just to say R.I.P. Monty. After all if you don't say goodbye, you're not really gone. You're just not there right now. Quotes aside, best wishes.
Hammer n' Nail
1/3/2015 c2 12Macro And Micro
A little better with the description on your heroes, But when they arrived you only mentioned Florance and nothing about the others, it was like they materialized from thin air.

And if I was woken randomly in a strange world, the first thing id do is pull out my sword not in aggression, but to be careful.
1/3/2015 c1 Macro And Micro
A good start, maybe a little more description on your heros. What power's they have and the smallest amount of backstory possible.

Other then that, pretty nice story, And I look forward to more :)
1/2/2015 c2 2TheLaughingSkulls

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