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for Grovyle: Through Time and Darkness

11/23/2016 c14 Guest
Treecko crying! He's so sad! He doesn't want to say goodbye to his mother!
4/5/2016 c15 Guest
Hm... When sableye die they just dissapear leaving only a shadowy mist and their crystal eyes behind... Sounds just like steven universe...
3/12/2016 c3 Ralmon
OK... What just happened?

I think this is written in medias res. That is fine, as long as things are clarified later.
3/12/2016 c2 Ralmon
Oppidum Town means Town town... like pizza pie where pizza translates to pie... so pie pie... or Fujiyama mountain, yama translates to mountain hence that translates to: Fuji mountain mountain... the messes that happens with foreign languages. LOL.

"a valley that is between Dragon mountain" ... I can't see how a valley can be between a singular mountain.
3/12/2016 c1 Ralmon
Well, that was a rather 'cute' place to start.
5/26/2015 c39 2Arceus327
Wait, is Conner a half blood?
4/18/2015 c34 Guest
I feel really bad for dusknore but I see how he could of blamed the insurgo Pokemon for what his friend thought but I am not sure if treecko would of turned on him like that but still good
4/18/2015 c33 Guest
Awesomeness to greatest degree
3/24/2015 c53 Totoisnothere
Conner, in my opinion, seems like a Mary sue...
1/16/2015 c1 Guest
Sorry, I meant continues ta launched :p
1/15/2015 c53 3Caelys
So... I read all your story and I find what that's really cool ! Continuous thy launched ;D
1/10/2015 c53 Guest
Yes pt2 please
1/12/2015 c13 Levadub
Connor its Connor
1/11/2015 c36 3Quint Polaris
Wow! I love this story! 3
1/6/2015 c9 Levadub
Talk about knowing your Pokemon lol
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