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for Why did I let a Vampire use my bathroom?

12/27/2020 c1 Someone
I think you’ll get great grades. It is a really good story. This is my third time reading it. Well Done! :). I’d give you A* for this.
8/29/2016 c8 R. A Cross
8/28/2016 c8 Yana5
8/27/2016 c7 Guest
Wah.. Tsuna collects the best R!Harems! The fact that they are also attracted to the others as well as Tsuna makes it even better.
8/27/2016 c5 Guest
Lol! Chrome!
8/27/2016 c3 Guest
Hahaha... Poor Takashi! I'm all for eventual all27!
8/27/2016 c2 PlotBunnies4u
Sooo... Does this make Tsuna a Lion Cub? And Hayato calls him tenth BC he's destined to become the Vongola Decimo - Ruler of the Animal Kingdom...

Hayato with cat ears! Is he a Bakeneko?

Xanxus - Liger

Kyouya - Skylark (though I think Black Panther\Jaguar fits to)

Lambo - Raijuu... They can be foxes, wolves, or cats (Pikachu!)

Squlo - Shark

Levi - Electric Eel?

Reborn - Grim Reaper (Leons papa! Lol Shapshifting Chameleon (GEICO!)

Fon - Wind spirit
6/16/2016 c7 Guest
Hahaha.. 8018... I didn't even know that it's a thing until it was on recommended manga on the yaoi site that I was reading on...

Cosplay... hihi. I remembered Reborn... anyway... Tsuna is usually forced to wear cutesy things in the fanfics. If I may request... can it be something that will make him look cool or handsome? I know that those adjectives are usually for the seme.. but dammit... ukes can be those too... XD
6/7/2016 c7 1akira0411
Imagine if Yamamoto couldn't find his charm since he had took it off in the office and just pretended he was in a vampire because that would be the easiest thing to do. Gokudera would just pretend his ears and tail(?) are fake. And Tsuna? I have no goddamn idea someone help.
6/7/2016 c5 akira0411
3/16/2016 c7 5citrus soda
suddenly, 1880!
1/13/2016 c7 2t.laurence7
I actually like the 1880. Lol. I think Hibari should definitely be added to the Supernatural Sandwich. Hahahaha. :D :D 188027 for the win.! Lolz.
12/22/2015 c3 IHeartTakeshi
Nice fic 3
11/14/2015 c6 7Serendipital
Aw, Yamamoto. I like this new subplot a lot! Good luck on the next chapter - I'm really looking forward to where it goes.
11/4/2015 c6 Heebiejeebies
Why does this have so few reviews when it's this amazing?!
this is killing me, all this mystery, like the lion, Reborn, when Tsuna's going to find out about the guys, Mukurou, TAKESHI AS A HUMAN WTF
Please...please just give us more soon, I don't know how much more suspense I can take
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