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11/26/2016 c1 Guest
I like it
4/14/2016 c51 25Quiet Waters
Alright, the final one! Let's talk about the oneshot first:

I absolutely loved the mystery of it all! Was it a dream? A sign? Is it a benevolent or malevolent one? And most importantly, what does it all mean?! :D

And now on to the review about the entire bundle!

I'll start off with a advice, and that is to keep slight grammatical errors in check a little, they show up every now and then and occasionally mess up the whole meaning of a sentence.


I love the great variety of settings and characters you used for the stories. From colonial North America to a day aboard the Titanic, there really never was no telling what the next story was going to be about!

There also was about no problems with any characterization too! The moments where they weren't IC or didn't respond as they would in the given situations can be counted on two hands!

But if there was one thing I absolutely love of this whole bundle, it's not the written word, but the dedication you put in it giving everyone a nice lil' birthday gift they can be happy with! And for that I really respect you for that. Fantastic job Applauze, really!

4/14/2016 c50 Quiet Waters
A Titanic setting without distinct romance elements? Splendid!

Come on Scarlett, doing THAT is never the answer to life's problems! Her search to be somewhere where her mother nor Chris were was oddly interesting for some reason, probably because she could run into practically anyone on that ship! But the right people she did find to talk, connected with her greatly! And that feels because you executed their chemistry so well!

But boy oh boy did it end with a ominous foreshadowing!

I know I said last chapter I'd review the entire bundle as a whole, but then you went around posting a new chapter, so I'll wait with my conclusive review for one more chapter as well!

4/13/2016 c49 Quiet Waters
You shouldn't get between a female and her toiletries either!

In a sense, this one was really similar to Truth, where instead Tyler was reluctantly dragged along by Lindsay and instead simply predicted that Lindsay wouldn't understand anyway or would end up being... convinced to join along in it. However, by that logic, it was absolutely brilliant how you used Owen to convince Lindsay! It just made so much sense that she'd take his advice as he was in a much more believable position than Tyler to convince her!

I'll save the conclusive words about the entire bundle for next chapter. :]

4/13/2016 c48 Quiet Waters

This story displays both sides of its lead characters really good! We have a pretty cheerful yet emotionally sensitive Cody and a warm though often grouchy Noah as well!

Speaking of Noah, the contrast of the Noah he was in the flashback and in the present was a beautiful polarization which helped emphasize how he was acting during the holidays! I was tempted to say that the reason why he did was... off, but once I reread a certain line, I was at peace with it because I understand why someone would feel that way about his grandfather after such support!

Never thought I'd enjoy... yaoi is it right yes, yaoi!

4/12/2016 c47 Quiet Waters
This got to be the first one starring RR characters, right?

You maintained a lovely, delicate balance between dramatic, such as when Kitty was about to crack under Mickey's demands, and lighthearted, basically from the sisters' phone call onwards! It provided a great mood which underscored the situation without overdoing it!

Also great was Kitty being willing to be there for Mickey, but almost not being able to be anymore, which evidently provided a great dilemma of going on and be there for him, or choosing for herself and 'fessing up. That was a great aspect!

You proved that you can write the RR cast just as good as the previous!

4/12/2016 c46 Quiet Waters
Forget what I said about Noah's speech pattern, I forgot to read that part of the author's note. But still, I do mean like what I said!

Oh all this treachery is heart-wrenching and captivating! I felt bad for Courtney with how unfair she was treated by both Chris and his brothers after they set her up, ruining her career, her fortune and her life! Naturally, it's nothing more than justice for what she did, but I still wonder if it was all worth it!

And yes, don't use foreign languages, I made that mistake a few times before.

4/11/2016 c1 9melodicBooknerd13
So, as you know, I'm here for R&S. I'm gonna have to do these quickly since the round ends Thursday, and I have a lot of reviewing to do.
I remember when I first read this chapter, but I never left a review for it.
This was really sweet. Even out of everyone on the plane, DJ liked Lindsay. And Lindsay realizing that Tyler wasn't really the greatest was nice. She finally figured it out. Even though Tyler does love Lindsay, I feel like there would be much better people for Lindsay than him. DJ being one of them.
They both seemed to be in character, and it was really well written. I loved it.
That's all for now. Bye!
4/11/2016 c45 25Quiet Waters
I was already wondering when you were going to give Knifez his Nawn!

A story with a Salem setting starring Dawn, now why has no one done this before?! I always headcanon Dawn's ancestors as having escaped said trails, and Dawn herself wouldn't be safe as well! Great and original setting to accentuate her outcast status!

At first, I found Noah's speech a wee odd. But then I realized that he's a native, and English is not his native tongue! I don't know if you aimed for that all along, but I love that detail!

You've made this one another of my new favorite chapters! Well done!

4/11/2016 c44 Quiet Waters
Ah... the randomness of Izzy! How I have missed thy since chapter 31!

Quite contrary though, this characterization of Izzy wasn't all random, but you still balanced sane and insane Izzy very nicely! Being able to be calm while still rather impulsive!

It's not that I have a problem with Noah and Courtney's guest roles, but my problem with them is that they take too much attention away from Izzy and Zeke while there could've been a similar scenario that didn't take the attention away from them as much.

The ending is a wee bit unsatisfying too, but probably because it's hard to tell whether that kiss of hers was genuine or just one of her tricks as she said! Still, that's classic Izzy for ya!

4/10/2016 c43 Quiet Waters

This, was pretty deep! It teaches us that it doesn't matter whether we're loved by lots of people, as long as we love ourselves and our loved ones! I love that morale. Really, I do! It shows that you're proud of this, I'd be too!

A shame that Nexus didn't leave a review yet, because you deserve the credit, especially for this one!

4/10/2016 c42 Quiet Waters
And another incredibly fitting scenario for the character starring in it! Really, Heather just embodies the concept of rich, mighty and unloved!

I couldn't help but grin at this innuendo-laden chapter and Heather's slip of the tongue was lovely as well! But didn't Heather jump the shark a little too early? I mean, she must be lonely and quite desperate, but does it warrant such behavior? Then again, she remains Heather despite all of it, so it doesn't really matter in the end!

4/10/2016 c40 Quiet Waters
What did people use to say again? If it isn't broken don't fix it right? :]

That moment where they accept that they don't new hats after all that arguing and Jasmine's outburst is the best part of the story! It's such a warm polarization!

1 thing though, I didn't really like Jasmine's accent very much and it made it kind of hard to figure out what she was saying.

4/10/2016 c39 Quiet Waters
Now, I'm not very familiar with the HP universe, so I can't say anything on the authencity of the chapter, but I do wonder if people have done crossovers like this before, they probably have!

The setting brings out the best of Nawn! Though I seriously wonder if Noah actually believes any of the magic stuff he's being taught. But he was allowed to come, so that should validate at least something! :]

4/10/2016 c38 Quiet Waters
From the moment I learned that it was a Nawn and one of the two was dead, I honestly thought it could be in the same canon as that other story of yours where Courtney and Noah grief together!

It's so tragic that Noah, a largely indifferent and self-centered person, sees the love of his life slowly die after he pledged eternal love to her! You captured that so well in both words and his actions! I mean not entering a room for 20 years because of the sadness? That's really... sad! Even I may've cracked a little!

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