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for Fate Zero: Avenger of Swords (Discontinued)

6/11/2023 c2 6Fontina Ori-chan
This is... :0 Shirou Emiya of all people. SHIROU EMIYA have A as luck? wow. just wow:0
12/8/2022 c8 grant.walker581
so is this a chapter of a new story or is this getting a rewrite?
10/3/2022 c5 6Primus2021
I hope that the mom is Toujo Aozaki rather than Aoko, because in 1994, Shirou is 7 or 8 years old and Aoko is 22, so she'd have been 14 when he was born, likely 13 when he was conceived, so yeah not a good thing.

I've always liked the idea that someone important in the Nasuverse was related to Shirou...

A cousin or sibling in the forms of Ryunosuke Uryu, Shiki Tohno, and/or Hisui & Kohaku.

A distant grandma in Elsa Saijou.

Parents in the forms of Godao and Ritsuka. (Personal favorite, he has the face & body, while she has the hair & eyes, and if you add in Miyu, then she'd be the opposite of her brother with having her dad's hair color and her mom's eyes, body - if a lot younger - & face, lol).

Toujo Aozaki as his mom, is another good one.

There was even a thought in my head that Shirou Emiya at age 30 (looking like Archer) met and married Aoko Aozaki, then later died after being betrayed and making that deal with Alaya, with his connection to Kiritsugu and Norikata Emiya, I could see the Clock Tower deciding to end his bloodline and hunt down his kid with Aoko, only for her to sind the kid back in time to keep him safe, but he ends up in Fuyuki during the 4th war and becomes Shirou Emiya, yeah he becomes his own father and a modern day Oedipus by hooking up with his own mom who never knew him and who he never remembered, lol.

Then there is the idea that he's related to Heroes, Sanjo Muramasa chief among them bc of the possession thing, also Gilgamesh due to UBW and GoB being so similar, Tomamo no Mae and Iskander due to their red hair, one being Japanese and the other having his own Reality Marble etc, and Amakasu & Solomon due to skin tone and hair color of them and Archer Emiya looking alike.
9/12/2022 c8 1Nesthor5000
G9od chapter.
11/30/2021 c8 Cross69
9/25/2021 c2 Victorius 435
When a Emiya has A luck you can definitely say the world is ending and you are going to die
5/29/2021 c8 yellowgoodboat
7/27/2020 c8 Shiranai Atsune
I can't find this fic on their profile. :(
7/27/2020 c8 Shiranai Atsune
Well, at least someone adopted this. But you're welcome to come back to writing this if you'd ever feel like it in the future!
7/27/2020 c6 Shiranai Atsune
I am enjoying this so much! I love every bit of this! Too bad it's discontinued, I really liked these kinds of fics.

Now that we're at the VS Caster arc, I'm assuming Archer VS Avenger Pt2 is gonna happen soon?
6/29/2020 c1 1uzumaki.namikaze10
ggooood cjp
3/31/2020 c4 1MysticRising
I know the story is discontinued (pity) but I wish to add my own thoughts.
This was a really good scene, and I like how matou is portrayed as kind, spiteful, and frankly a bit insane or at least has tunnel vision. It just did such a good job with characterizations.
Overall I am satisfied with how everything turns out, and dearly hope Shirou allies with Rider.
I only wish shirou had some sort of anti divinity skill for killing a god. I mean seigfried got anti draconic traits due to slaying a dragon, so why shouldn't shirou enjoy the benefits of being a god slayer? I think this skill would have made him gilgamesh's nightmare in the war, but much more even with other servants. Like rock paper scissors. Gil beats everyone, everyone beats shirou, shirou beats gil. It just sounds really good to me.
And this skill could be called something cool like 'reversal of man' or 'subtrefugion of the gods' or something equally cool. Cool.
10/16/2019 c8 Thekiller7
Chap 7: This Story Is Not DEAD
Chap 8: Discontinued
Well that was a *******
9/3/2019 c3 JKBaller
I really wanted to like this story, but it simply has some retarded plot points, that ruin it for me. The biggest is Shirou losing his memories.
The entire reason I started to read this fic was to see Shirou help the people he cares about and this shitty plot point ruins that.
3/29/2019 c1 sugoijack9
Even the Normal Ending was kinda sad for Sakura. I hope she meets him at last and by then return to her even though he's special privilege as a part-time Counter Guardian a hurdle to his life with Sakura.
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