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for shut down the city lights

7/26/2017 c1 Guest
A strangely touching tale of finding a kind of homecoming in a different place. Loved this one. Thanks Sasha £££
1/13/2015 c1 anon
this is really promising. I like the premise so far, please continue!
1/2/2015 c1 47Selonianth
Illyria... she'll be able to help when the Convergence happens... oh she'll be able to help indeed.
12/12/2014 c1 TheWickedTruth89
Interesting start, I'd like to see more.
12/12/2014 c1 I-Am-Silence
Well done!
12/11/2014 c1 5Zarohk Korobase
This is really quite fascinating. And is Fury the third one? I love the trope-awareness and changing consciousness of Fred, Illyria, and whatever they have become.
12/10/2014 c1 wolf-in-hell
I'm hoping this creeps into more, it's top good a start to leave hear.
12/10/2014 c1 FatesShadow83
Brilliant! Got goose bumps reading this. :-)

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