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12/2/2020 c20 Guest
Nice chapter! Good fight scene, and it was nice to see the Shitennou again - whom I hope will be respected by all as allies in time (and Jadeite was funny, of course).
The image of Mamoru half-falling though Usagi's window was cute, especially as a little reminder of their relative inexperience with their transformations. I always like it when we get to see how they're still becoming accustomed to their powers, or when they have to work to attain them.
Looking forward to Motoki's reacton!
11/9/2020 c20 smoon4409
Loving the story and the way it is developing. Looking forward to next update!
11/8/2020 c20 James Birdsong
Good two chapters of course
11/8/2020 c20 Jakeros
I would say happy 2020, but that would be a sour remark.

Needless to say, I'm glad things are progressing again. The Black Moon Clan seem to be stretching the girls to their limits, enough that the Outers need to be called in. And to be honest, the Shittenou didn't do much; though Jadeite saying "booyah" was a riot. XD Like I said before, I fear the only way Rei will start to forgive Jadeite is if he puts himself on the line for her. That kind of sight should shock her into action, or at least really consider whether or not he's changed. But that's my opinion.

And now Motoki knows. Oh boy. That's going to be a fun can of worms.

Till then,

Write on! (And stay healthy!)
6/12/2020 c19 smoon4409
Love the story, read all 19 chapters in 1 day! Can't wait for the new update, please don't make us wait to long!
2/11/2020 c19 8TinkStar87
Yay an update and what a fantastic one! Loved it. Can't wait to see what's next. Read ya Later ;)
2/8/2020 c19 Guest
Yay, an update!
I have to admit, I found this story not that long ago, and I wasn't expecting to get to see any new chapters. But I'm really happy this is still on your radar! I do love secret-identity-reveals, so it was great to finally see that scene play out.

I haven't reviewed this before, so I'll add-I really like the darker take on the girls' experiences as Sailor Senshi. It absolutely makes sense, considering their situation. It also makes for a tone that falls somewhere between the two Sailor Moon anime adaptations, with the first being a bit too slow for my liking, and Crystal leaving out a lot of nuances in character development. This story, however, combines some of the best aspects of both anime and adds a new perspective, making for a unique and memorable take on the story.

Keep it coming!
1/8/2020 c19 Guest
Love it love it. Keep up the good work and please keep updateing. I cant wait to see how this goes.
1/8/2020 c19 Princesakarlita411
12/31/2019 c19 jdsfire
Thanks for the update! I had just stumbled on this story a few weeks ago and I'm so glad you updated. Can't wait for the next installment.
12/31/2019 c19 lilymoon80
OMG! youre back, and happy new year :)
so funny, I was thinking about this story a weeks ago, I have to read all again xD
it took time, but good as always :)
12/28/2019 c19 Jakeros
I'm SO GLAD YOU'RE ALIVE! Do you have any idea how worried you made me?! With so many SM fics dropping off the face of the earth with overdues, I almost gave up on yours ever updating again. I should've sent a pm but nooo, my stupid butt kept saying "there's other stuff available, there's other stuff blah-de-blah blah BLAH!"

In all seriousness though, really glad you're doing ok enough to grant us this late christmas gift. I eagerly look forward to the next update with hopefully some honest to goodness senshixshittenou!

And look at that! the love birds finally made up! Well I mean they kinda sorta made up in the last chapter (ages ago *cough*) but it was still a relief to see them acting like a couple again.

As for the reveal...whoo boy. Honestly, that was the only way I could see that happen in a realistic sense. Of course her parents or more specifically her dad would flip his lid. But Shingo shut his mouth right up when she proved it to them, as sad as that really is. Poor kid now needs to come to terms with having a crush on his sister. Now it'll be interesting to see how he handles it going forward.

As for Mamoru...damn he said something something that hit hard. Bitter and lonely all his life. That's me to a perfect T. The only difference he's not desperate for any sign of a relationship like I am... Too close to home. Too close to home.

Anyways, I'm glad this updated. Merry Christmas and hope you are surrounded by loved ones!

Till then,

Write on!
12/28/2019 c19 4HyenaYu
Welcome back! I'm so happy to see an update to this particular story because I've missed it.
Have a great New year's author :) You sure deserve it
12/15/2019 c18 jdsfire
Love this story. I do hope you continue it.
2/23/2019 c18 11TropicalRemix
please update
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