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7/5/2016 c239 dharma.w
Hi really live this story line only take me a few months to read it all, really hope you write more.
7/4/2016 c239 9fireman23
I'm glad they made up!
Don't worry about the dialogue, it's absolutely fine. Aside from that, I feel the same about most of my dialogues...
7/4/2016 c239 sandygirl
Thank you Kelly for finally putting an end to this,Don't get me wrong I understand where Erin is coming from but to put that much into what anyone says to you is wrong,she would never take that from Kelly so why would she care period,either way I hope it's over and God bless you for that wonderful ending was a long time coming,I don't need to read about their outing would much prefer some wonderful family bonding time. Thanks for another great update.
7/2/2016 c238 UKgirl71
Good to see you back! Personally speaking, I LOVE the drama :o)
7/1/2016 c236 LaJoyMechell
Lol, at Aiden chucking those shades into the pool. He wasn't having it. And haha Kelly thought but was a strawberry suit, but ember is totally rocking her watermelon outfit . Shay is getting so big . Can't believe she's growing so fast . She's such a big girl, sharing her toys , and being an amazing big sister .
7/1/2016 c237 LaJoyMechell
Watermelon sounds really good right now..I dont blame Ember , lol... Totally gotten used to the gross things that come along with caring for infants, including eating after them and their messiness . Awh...Kelly was really trying to engage Erin in a covers action, but she and other plans. I'd be insecure too if people kept asking me if I was pregnant and I wasn't . I know sometimes people mean well, but that's why you should wait for an announcement. You never know what some one is conscious about, and weight just might be one of them
7/1/2016 c238 Bella
Great to have you back. Looking forward to more
7/1/2016 c238 fireman23
Welcome back!
I hope they can sort out whatever it is... good chapter overall!
7/1/2016 c238 sandygirl
First off I'm so glad everything is hopefully better and you're back cause man have I missed this story and you,now on yo this update can I just say I Wangt the old Erin back,the one who didn't care what people thought except her family,I don't know what's bothering her but I hope she lets Kelly in cause you can tell it's breaking his heart. I hope with the girls gone for a little while she'll talk to him and they can have some alone time. I loved the update,I just want our old Linseride back,can't wait to see what's coming I think.
6/7/2016 c237 fireman23
Two months after pressing the follow button - I finally caught up!
6/5/2016 c223 fireman23
Once more, I can't help myself from commenting on the firefighting scenario in this chapter...
SCBAs are usually stored within the interior of the vehicle and already put on while racing to a you watch closely, you can see them also in the episodes, they get out of the trucks with the air tanks on their backs.
You get the reaction of victims pretty good, they're often enough hysterical. About the locked doors, donÄt they carry a Halligan tool or an axe?
5/31/2016 c237 Grahamgirl93
"Gross is mashed potatoes she sneezed on" lol... Great job... Very realistic that she is still worried about her weight! Great great job! Good luck with your assignments and we will see you when you get back!
5/29/2016 c237 biihzane
I'M BAAAAACK! Can't believe that Erin's still so insecure, Kelly need to help her more. And congrats as usual
5/29/2016 c237 sandygirl
Well i liked this chapter, any time we have Kelly spending time with his girls and having fun is ok by me but i'm really over Erin and her constant fear that she looks fat stop worrying about other people and start listening to you husband, really liked that talk with Kelly and Jay think it's the first time i've heard them say more than two words to each other, loved Kelly's worry for Erin going back to work and making sure Jay will have her back. Gotta say though i'm a little worried about your ending with the conversation about their feelings and their future, please let them have some peace cause really they have been through enough trouble and drama for like six couples so i think it's their time for some peace. You update when you can like we've told you family and assignments come first.
5/27/2016 c186 fireman23
It's a good chapter, I can vividly imagine how Kelly tries to escape...

Something bothers me though: Kelly would likely not need to be told about the risks of pain medication. Or am I the only one who remembers a certain broken neck and Leslie Shay supplying him with drugs during Season 1?
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