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5/27/2016 c186 9fireman23
It's a good chapter, I can vividly imagine how Kelly tries to escape...

Something bothers me though: Kelly would likely not need to be told about the risks of pain medication. Or am I the only one who remembers a certain broken neck and Leslie Shay supplying him with drugs during Season 1?
5/26/2016 c181 fireman23
I guess I will continue to comment on emergency scenarios and tactics. Since something similar happened in your experience, it's a great idea for a scene.
About rapelling:
You're absolutely right, those harnesses can get pretty uncomfortable. When I have it on me, I try to take a windbreaker, and discard my turnout gear. It's more flexible...
On the other hand, I'd put on the harness as soon as I can and triple and quadruple check every piece of it. In this scenario, I would have expected Kelly and Chase to put their harnesses on, and check themselves as well as each other. In the meantime, the other guys could prepare the ropes so all that's left to do would be to link themselves to the rope...
5/24/2016 c236 Grahamgirl93
Great update with fun family time and loved her kidding him about the dentist... Again great job...
5/24/2016 c236 sandygirl
Well Thank You very much for this chapter cause i loved everything about it, Erin getting time for herself then spending it with her family was just so great, although with Emmy getting older i know that Erin going back to work is coming and we all know i'm not ready for that cause that will mean less and less time with her hubby and babies but who knows maybe they'll figure it out so she doesn't work as long hours as before so i'm just gonna enjoy them as a family and a happy,married couple. I did love Erin teasing Kelly about the dentist that just made me laugh so much.
5/22/2016 c135 fireman23
It's always hard when there's children involved, even if they're alright. Well done chapter, despite the sad action.
A little note on Emergency Protocol: When a EMT has to perform a field amputation, it usually has to be authorized by a surgeon. Even in Chicago Fire, in one of the very first episodes, they radioed in for authorization...
Something else: In several years I've been a firefighter now, I've never seen a car that was so deformed that it is impossible to get the persons out. I realize it's this way for storytelling purposes, but I think, they could havee gotten the kid out with a hurt leg. A bottlejack might have helped, or a pressurized airbag... or they could have cut the metal roof away with an anglegrinder, to name only a few.
5/22/2016 c134 fireman23
Usually, I hate reviewing on chapters that have been written a long time ago...

In any case, as a Firefighter, I think I get what you're trying to picture...
I think it should work, although I personally wouldn't like to take that much risk. In any case, it's a great chapter!

One thing to note: In my department, we have a thumb rule. When you've halved your air tank, you should start to get out. I can honestly say, I've more than once breathed against an empty tank, just the moment I reached the door (or the final step of the drill...)
With a return way so much harder and exhausting than the way in, it would get very dangerous to stay this long...
5/17/2016 c235 sandygirl
Well first off missed you and this story so much so i was really happy to see this update which was really cute but i thought Erin was gonna lose it there for a minute when she saw that book so i'm glad when she didn't, thought it was really great of Kelly to have Katie there so Erin had the whole day to herself but i just love how those girls miss mama when she isn't around. So thanks for another great update, can't wait to see what's next.
5/17/2016 c235 Grahamgirl93
This was such an honest chapter... What mom doesn't feel inadequate at times! Loved the update!
5/11/2016 c2 UKgirl71
Back to work definitely - more potential for stories.
5/10/2016 c234 sydcasy
Loved the update, can't wait for more.
5/10/2016 c234 sandygirl
well i liked the update a lot, it shows that Erin isn't the perfect mom with it all together because like it or not stuff happens, it's a lot easier when Emmy was a newborn cause all she did was sleep and eat even with everything they went through with her but now that she's older and staying up longer, Shay is hitting her stride in the terrible two's so now she sees what it like too have two children under the age of three. It will get better for her but she needs to stop letting it make her sick, listen to her husband for once cause whether she likes it or not she's not super mom and it ok to ask for help and just take a me day. So bravo to Kelly for seeing that and making her take some time just for herself, i just hope she listens to him and calms down before she ends up in the hospital with an ulcer. Can't wait too see what she does with her time. Hope you're feeling better and how are the hands doing?
5/10/2016 c234 Grahamgirl93
I get so excited when I get the alert that you update! Loved this update... Kelly is always looking out for Kelly and trying to make her feel better. Great job...
5/6/2016 c233 sandygirl
Well this was a cute update, i did think Erin was gonna lose it with Shay when she got stuff on the recipe but she didn't, i'm sure the cake is gonna be great. Hope all is getting better with your hands and can't wait to see what's next.
5/3/2016 c232 LaJoyMechell
Sorry to hear about your hand sister stuck her entire arm I the oven to get out a pan and got rack shaped burns all up her arms once. And could Shay get any cuter ? She sounds like Me and my siblings when we were young we. Only good for licking the bowls and spoons and making messes, lol...but love that she likes to help. When Erin was trying to tell Kelly about the baby's swimsuit and the hat that came with it
5/2/2016 c232 Grahamgirl93
Another great update! Loved that Kelly wanted to hear Erin tell him to "be safe"
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