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4/9/2016 c227 Michnkicks
Soo cute I love shay and she's still a baby to cuddling in her daddy's shirt and making mama feel better
4/8/2016 c227 biihzane
Poor Erin.. Will we have more about Camille's book?
4/8/2016 c227 sandygirl
Wow that was so sweet, Shay sleeping in Kelly's shirt was just so cute and i love how much she loves and cares about her daddy, but the part that pulled at my heart strings was Erin reading Camille's diary, what in contained and then shay telling Erin what papa Hank said was just really sweet. I needed this sweet, caring chapter today so Thank You for another great chapter.
4/5/2016 c226 1Deeksfan1990
I like the story so far it's really good
4/5/2016 c226 Michnkicks
This was a great chapter to see Erin emotional we are so used to her being the strong brave fearless woman! I hope we can see Kelly and chase talk and chase tell Kelly how sorry he for not protecting him more
4/5/2016 c226 biihzane
I so loved this chapter, they needed this conversation, Erin more than anyone
4/5/2016 c226 sandygirl
It is so real to talk like that especially after you've gone through the terrible loss of someone your friends with or someone you love very much, you got everything down and then some and i loved how our Linseride talk back and forth through all they're feeling and what they went through. Kelly feeling bad for letting his daughter and wife down, Erin for blaming him for something he couldn't help it was just nice to hear them open themselves and their hearts to what they're feeling it was just so loving and special i loved everything about it so wonderful job. Thanks for this chapter so much.
4/3/2016 c225 Michnkicks
I loved this! My favorite parts are when Erin and chase interact! He really is a missing piece in their family and she's the mom he needs and he's her boy. I hope we can see more mum son scenes
4/3/2016 c225 biihzane
This chapter was cute, I missed the two of them talking too
4/3/2016 c225 sandygirl
Ok this was a great update, i'm glad Erin didn't totally lose it with Kelly but poor Shay that little girl loves her daddy so much and too see him heart again she just broke my heart. But what was Kelly thinking going back to work when he should have stayed with that little girl and let her see he was ok. I'm glad that Chase told Erin just how Kelly got hurt and it was nice the whole conversation with them i really missed that. I do love we some kelly and his girls sleeping together on the couch just melts my heart. Thanks again for another great update, can't wait to see what's next.
4/2/2016 c224 Michnkicks
I'm so happy you updated I can't wait to see the rest of sleeping reaction and then see what happens when chase gets home! I have a feeling shay is going to want to get Kelly a balloon which will really be for her
4/1/2016 c224 biihzane
Omg, Erin's going to kill Kelly HAHAHHAHA Poor guy, and I hope Gina doesn't die
4/1/2016 c224 sandygirl
Oh wow poor Gina, i know what that's like i just lost my brother from cancer last year, a lot sooner than we thought but it is awful to watch someone you care about and love go through that. Sorry about that but oh man i feel so bad for Kelly, please tell me Erin isn't gonna lose it on him cause i really can't stand it when she goes off some times cause she can be really mean, i know it's out of love but still he isn't hurt that bad so she needs to just breath and let it go. I loved Will though he was funny in telling her not to hurt him so i hope all is well when they get home. Thanks for another great update.
3/26/2016 c223 Michnkicks
Great chapter! I totally thought as was kinda hoping chase was going to get hurt. Keyes starting to really be a mini Kelly now even repeating what Kelly warned him! Can't wait to see what's going to happen when they both get home to the boss lady
3/26/2016 c223 biihzane
Hahahha poor Kelly! But he's the best at his job
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