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2/10/2016 c211 sandygirl
I just didn't want you to think i was putting down your writing because i love your stories and will read anything you write that is Linseride anyway! Ha Ha, as for the story and how it's going your right everyday life isn't always fluffy so you are doing great writing the as a realistic couple with their ups and downs i just miss the fun family times, i always seem to have a lot of drama going on as the same time i read drama in this story but i still love it and i loved this update as well but i did feel bad for Kelly the way Erin was with him then my heart when out to her cause she thinks she's failing her family just because she was sick. I did love the ending and i hope things are better in the next chapter. I will always give you have your back and give you encouragement any time you need it cause you are doing great on this story.
2/10/2016 c210 Michnkicks
Great chapter I love them together! They showed that lady what's what! They are a such a cute family. I just hope we can see more chase in there! And I think we all miss those daily updates, I'd wake up in the us extra early to read them!
2/9/2016 c210 202Daisyangel
Glad Erin is back to good health and can't wait to see what you have happen next.
2/7/2016 c210 UKgirl71
loved this chapter, particularly Kelly and Erin's reactions.
2/7/2016 c210 sandygirl
I wanna start this off by saying in no way was i putting you down for not updating everyday i just miss the way it use to be but life happens and things change and you my dear have had so much change lately so don't ever feel like you have to rush a chapter to post it just for me, second are such a great writer stop doubting yourself because we have 210 chapters on just how great your writing is and it's only getting better in my opinion i just meant that i missed our Linseride and the loving family time with Erin being sick i just wanted it to go back to normal that's all, i did love them with Vanessa that just made me laugh so much and what she said in front of Shay i could have slapped her, loved the bonding moments with Erin and Emmy and i hope that all works itself out with her getting back to mommy and the boob, but i gotta say the Kelly and Shay cuddle just about melted my heart. So thanks again for another great update and again i'm sorry if i made you feel bad cause you have no reason what so ever cause you're doing a great job! Also loved the moments with our Linseride after Kelly put Vanessa in her place.
2/6/2016 c209 biihzane
This one was cute, can't wait for the rest of their adventure hahahahha Kelly and Erin will need some time later, and when'll them be back to work?
2/6/2016 c209 sandygirl
First off it's great to see you back cause i'll be honest i'm missing the everyday updates but life happens so that's cool,now onto the update i loved it but it just seemed like our favorite couple is in a little discord and i'll be honest i'm not liking it so i hope that everything is ok with them and it's just getting things back to normal from Erin being sick but as always i loved little miss Shay but i would have loved for it to just be the four of them since they weren't able to have to many family moments since momma was sick but it was still great and i can't wait to see what's next.
1/30/2016 c208 UKgirl71
ah, cute family time! and "for a boy you know a lot about boobs" - too funny!
1/30/2016 c208 sandygirl
Oh i really loved this chapter, Emmy getting her mommy and the boob back was so sweet but once again our Shay steals the show, everything she does to take care of her sister and mommy was just too cute for words, laughed so hard when Emmy wanted more milk and Shay was gonna get it for her taking Erins other boob out and yelling at her daddy for not letting her take care of her baby was pure cuteness. I loved Kelly in this too taking care of his wife cause i think her being this sick really scared him but he was there for his girls but i gotta say Shay being upset cause mommy could go with them then laying with Erin crying just broke my heart. Great update as always can't wait to see what's next and i hope you're settling in and everything is getting easier. Thanks for still thinking of us with everything you got going on.
1/30/2016 c208 biihzane
I liked this chapter, was cute hahahah And I hope it's all good with your things
1/24/2016 c207 Michnkicks
Such s cute moment when Erin and Shay first greeted eachother and Shay was reading with ember. They really missed their mama and I know Ember missed "the boob". Shay was so funny trying to tell Erin what to do
1/23/2016 c207 sandygirl
First off i'm glad Erin is better and gets to get back to her family, i felt so bad for her when she thought she abandoned her family for being sick, seeing how she reacted to that formula can just broke my heart i hope she can get back to feeding her baby now that she's better and i'm glad they got to spend some time as a family. Thanks for another great update can't wait to see what's next. As always Shay had me laughing.
1/23/2016 c206 Daisyangel
Glad he called Gabby, I think it was a good option.
1/22/2016 c206 UKgirl71
Lovely to see Kelly taking such tender care of Erin - beautifully and realistically written (though being a fan of angst, I would love to have seen Kelly's "real time" reaction to coming home and finding Erin unconscious). Hope you're settling in to your new home.
1/21/2016 c206 biihzane
Heeey, you're here again! And Gabby can have access to this, it's just simple medication. Well, it's not nice either drive 500km in 10 hours hahahahahha
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