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for Baby Severide

12/16/2015 c199 Guest
So good to have you back missed this! I would look everyday. This was an interesting chapter between Kelly and Er. Idk if I'm ready for her to leave the babies yet! And Kelly doesn't seem to sure either!
12/7/2015 c198 AN0NYM0U5XOXO
This story is good. Just read it all in the past couple of days. I can't wait for Erin to go back to work. It was nice she stayed home the past year or so put I think it is time and I personally like it better when she is working. Makes the story a little bit more interesting! I just hope you don't make it so she changes her mind at the last second and have her not go back at all. Looking forward the next update. Hate how I have to wait to read more now.
12/7/2015 c198 biihzane
I really loved this chapter! Chase'll do good, and now we have more time for some Linseride hahahah Is Hank taking the girls tonight?
12/7/2015 c198 sandygirl
This was a great update i too liked the father son time with our boys but i gotta say once again our Shay stole the show she was just so cute trying to help Erin with dinner than Erin letting her watch Emmy was just too cute, but i'm still not ready for Erin to go back to work i don't know she just seems so much happier at home but i guess that's just me. Can't wait to see what's next.
12/7/2015 c198 Michnkicks
This was great! Love how Shay introduced them studying together! We don't see a lot of father son moments so it was nice to see Kelly there for him!
12/6/2015 c197 Guest
Please update. Don't end the fic anytime soon i love reading it
12/5/2015 c197 sandygirl
Oh man this was so sweet too, i love the Erin and Emmy time as well although Kelly and Shay still is my favorite this was just as good, i really liked Erin and Chase talking and her advice was spot on and i really liked the end when they let Kelly think that Emmy had just crawled for the first time when he got home was really sweet. Thanks for another great update but i'm really looking forward to some wonderful Linseride family moments just the four of them then maybe just Erin and Kelly.
12/5/2015 c197 Michnkicks
This was great! I love how much Erin cares about Chase and is a good mom to him to. He needs to know that Erin was proud and glad she had him in the family!
12/4/2015 c196 Michnkicks
This was the surest ever! I love Shay and Kelly together! He is such a good dad I guess I never truly realized how good he was. I knew Erin was a great mom but Keely was so cute telling her why he loved her! I can't wait to see Chase and his mama next! I know she's gonna be so cute with him and he's gonna love it.
12/4/2015 c196 UKgirl71
Aww, that was really nice. I loved this chapter.
12/4/2015 c196 biihzane
Yay, this one was really cute! After Chase and Erin, it'll be cool to have some linseride. They could have that dinner and that night they'd planned before the accident hhahhahaha You could use a little grampa Hank on this
12/4/2015 c196 sandygirl
Oh my god this was just the sweetest update you have ever done, that little girl and her daddy are just so cute that it just made my heart melt i can't say anything else it was just perfect. Thanks for such a sweet update and i can't wait for the next one. Bravo once again!
12/4/2015 c196 Bella
Another fabulous update
12/3/2015 c195 UKgirl71
Another great chapter, and fabulous Daddy (and husband) Kelly - thank you!
12/3/2015 c195 Michnkicks
Little Shay giving her daddy so much sass! She knows better, it was cute seing her try to go against Kelly! I loved how sweet he was with Erin this morning letting her sleep and taking ember! Can't wait to see Erin spending time with Chase and ember and Kelly spend time with shay! Update soon love this story
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