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12/3/2015 c195 Bella
I remember shay age with my kid and pretty spot on. They are in the stage of testing to see what they can get away with. Fabulous update. Can't wait for more.
12/3/2015 c195 biihzane
Oh God, I have a cousin that is just like Shay now, and I can't haddle it, it's REALLY hard.. Wonder what'll happen with her and Kelly hahahahahaha
12/3/2015 c195 sandygirl
Well i for one loved this chapter, so stop beating yourself up cause it was great, i loved that Erin was that close to Kelly and didn't move during the night, i loved that he knew she needed some sleep so he let Ember sooth herself back to sleep just like the doctor said to, i loved how he was with Shay cause like it or not this is how little kids get, she's a cute, funny little girl but we've never really seen this side of her and like it or not this is how kids act, she's missing her daddy so she's really doing all this to get attention and i think Kelly handled everything great. She's old enough to clean up after herself that Erin doesn't always have to and she needs to know that tantrums don't get rewarded, so Kelly spending time with her should help a lot but i gotta say best part was giving his wife breakfast in bed, he can do that for me anytime. Great chapter and i can't wait for more.
12/1/2015 c194 biihzane
This chapter was pretty awesome, congrats! Hahahha
12/1/2015 c194 Bella
Loving all these updates. So glad they worked out the problem.
12/1/2015 c194 UKgirl71
I loved that! Kelly's apology was worthy of the best rom coms, and I'm glad they made up.
12/1/2015 c194 sandygirl
Thank god for that cause i don't know how much more i could have taken, i know couples fight god knows they have but this was something different and i'll be honest i didn't like it or them in this but our Linseride are back and you did them proud. It was a great chapter so THANK YOU for our resolution cause it was great. As far as chapter size goes whatever is easiest but the longer the better cause i'm just loving this story and can't wait for happier, family times again. Thanks again for finally getting our Erin and Kelly back.
11/30/2015 c193 UKgirl71
Yay, Em got her moment! But yes, please get Erin and Kelly back on track!
11/30/2015 c193 Michnkicks
Sorry about your house! But this was a great chapter! Little Shay was not a happy camper! Kelly and Chase barely got by! I know Erin and Kelly are gonna get into it when they get in their room. Mama Erin is gonna be happy and worried tho about Chase getting s big job! I'm happy she went through with Emmy getting on the construal. Update soon please
11/30/2015 c193 sandygirl
Wow is all i can say, i never thought she'd ever let Emmy do that ad and i understand that she did it to get the other ad off the tv which was brilliant by the way but i'm not loving this discord between Erin and Kelly it's like they don't even talk anymore and that was always the great basis for their relationship they always talked and were honest with each other so please whatever is going on or gonna happen please let this be resolved soon cause i'm not loving this at all i want my loving Severide family back. Please! Yeah not loving this resolution at all.
11/29/2015 c192 sandygirl
I'm loving the Erin and Emmy times they are so sweet but i also feel like she's bossing Kelly around because he's hurt, i know she wants what's best for him but i felt like she was upset because he intruded on her time with their baby. Thanks for another great update, can't wait to see what's next.
11/29/2015 c192 UKgirl71
Ah, you updated - the perfect antidote to a busy weekend :o). You portray intimate family moments so incredibly well. Keep on entertaining us, thank you.
11/29/2015 c192 IrisMcgarrett
I love your story :) Update please.

PS- It's my first review but I follow your story since New Begginig, and you are an awesome writer :)
11/29/2015 c192 Bella
Double update I like. Can't wait for more
11/29/2015 c192 Michnkicks
I love Erin and Emmy time! I love when Erin Just personal time with her kids. she is such a good mom and I know they all are greatfull to have her. Poor Kelly she just bosses him around now that he's hurt and she just wants to help and get her to relax
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