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11/15/2015 c187 Bella
Another fabulous update
11/15/2015 c187 sandygirl
Can i just say i'm loving waking up and having these wonderful updates to start my day, now onto this great update, as weird as this may sound i'm loving the more vulnerable side of Erin cause we really don't get to see it that much cause she is always so in control but i really felt bad for her cause i think stay to see them remove that tube just reminded her how close she really came to losing the man she loves, i just jope it does get easier once he's home and she can hopefully be there for her girls more cause i think that is upsetting her just as much. I loved how Kelly was taking care of her and her comment at the end about the hospital gown was so funny. I just want things to get back to normal and how our happy family back drama and all cause i think that is just as much stress on Erin to have Emmy have a bottle and not mommy. Can't wait to they get home and be a family again.
11/13/2015 c186 biihzane
This one was cute hahahah And the nurse is loving seeing Kelly's ass, I know that
11/13/2015 c186 UKgirl71
Another great chapter - loved Kelly's multiple escape attempts :o)
11/13/2015 c186 sandygirl
This chapter was a lot of fun and a little bit of worry on Erin part but it was great, i loved Erin and the nurse that gave me a laugh to start my day before work, i loved Kelly trying to tell Erin what to do with the baby and then shutting up just to funny, i really like Erin and him talking about Chase and Kelly jumping right into day mode and gonna talk to him but it just breaks my heart how much Shay misses her daddy that she wants to sleep in his side of the bed. This was a great update, i'm glad Kelly is on the road to recovery and i loved the Linseride moments so Thanks a bunch for them. Can't wait for Kelly coming home. Glad your feeling better cause this was great.
11/12/2015 c185 Severide4Life
Would love to see a chapter with just Kelly and Erin! But this is great...glad Kelly seems to be recovering and his love for his daughters is shining through
11/12/2015 c185 murray2
I think you are doing a great story. Hank can be very gruff, did not take it as he was being a bad guy. Took it as he was concerned for his family. Keep up the good work on this story. I know I am hanging around for as long as you keep writing this story. Looking forward to more.
11/11/2015 c185 Bella
Another fabulous update
11/11/2015 c185 Michnkicks
I love this story! I just wondered if Hank has a problem with them having chase. He's such s good part me addition to their family I love the relationship between him and Erin and him and his two little sisters. I'm sure his relationship with Kelly will grow. But as for having two chapters about chase it was great don't beat your self up about it
11/11/2015 c185 biihzane
I can see that you're lost, but that's okay, it's been a looong ride hHahaha The conversation with Hank was good, he was just worried and that's okay. I think you can focus a little more on Linseride, because Kelly will need a little more and some special attention, and Chase can't get hurt again, no! HAHAHHA Poor Erin, she's going to explode XD But congrats for everything, it's been an awful year for me, I'm sick and read your story always makes me feel happy, so thank you
11/11/2015 c185 sandygirl
Well first off what a wild ride it has been this year, personally for me a lot has happened and i gotta say not all has been good so having this story to fall back on this last year has been wonderful cause reading this family starting out and growing has been a wonderful experience as well as getting to know the wonderful author you are and have become as well as the other wonderful reviewers we have all become somewhat of a family without having met each other, that being said i will stay on the train with you however this story goes but it's easy to veer off some times but i have no doubt you'll find your way back and we'll be here waiting for you. For me i miss the family time and dynamics so if Kelly is home next that's fine by me cause i miss his time with Erin and the girls and Chase, also miss just Erin and the girls hanging too, but you gotta have Hank change his attitude or make him go away cause that doesn't help them at all. Coming back soon and don't worry you'll find your way soon.
11/10/2015 c184 Severide4Life
So glad that Kelly is doing better and Shay can finally see him! I am looking forward to see how Erin takes care of him when he can finally go home... Hank is helpful but sometimes a little too abrupt for my liking!
11/9/2015 c184 UKgirl71
Another great chapter! Poor little Shay.
11/9/2015 c184 Bella
Another great update.
11/9/2015 c184 Michnkicks
I'm so happy Shay got to be back with her daddy. Ikno she w Salk number bout bout her accident buyer in understood. Woa Hank was being a little challenging , it was so awkward at that point. But I loved the moment between Kelly and Chase we never really know how Kelly feels about him. But I think this is going to bring them closer maybe because they are guys and they don't like showing emotion. Great chapter tho I can't wait for tt enact one. Update soon please
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