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10/19/2015 c181 sydcasy
Loved the update, can't wait for more.
10/18/2015 c181 biihzane
YES! FINALLY! Poor Erin, but I was looking foward this moment hahahaahh Can't wait for the next chapter, pleasd don't take too long, I LOVE when the drama comes hahaha Congrats and I hope you're okay
10/18/2015 c181 Bella
Another fabulous update.
Oh no poor Kelly and chase. Hope they both will be okay. Looking forward to more.
10/18/2015 c181 UKgirl71
Ooh drama - my favourite! Great chapter. Glad you're back. Please update soon
10/18/2015 c181 Michnkicks
I have missed this story so much! Erin hair had some day! The beginning was so cute with Erin and Shay together in the shower, I think say just needs some attention from her mama. Then Erin almost loosing Shay, Iknow that had to scare both of them by I'm glad Shay atleassr my had Nadia. I like the way you went with her partner asking those series of questions about her chase Erin and Kelly and he girls! Who is he to think he can judge them. Erin and Kelly even tho he doesn't really express it much love chase just as their own. We run would do anything for him and already has. Who cares they aren't blood I'm glad Nadia stool up for her family! I loved that! Then lastly loved the drama with the craziness at the art show. Is that the same one Erin and Shay was at? I feel so bad for Kelly and hope that everything is okay for his family's sake. And poor chafe hurt his arm, he's a tough guy but the mother in Erin is gonna be worried about both of them! Thanks for updating! Update soon can't wait to see what happens next with Erin when she gets to the hospital
10/18/2015 c181 sandygirl
First off i hope everything is better with your family and has calmed down for you cause i don't know about anyone else but i have got so use to the daily updates that i so missed them guess that means i need a life. Now on to this wonderful update girl when you come back you come back on fire, first off i'm starting to question the weirdness that is Watson and all his question, please don't ever let him near those little girls, my heart sank when i heard museum call all i could think was Erin was there with the girls but i let out a big breath that at least she was home and they were safe but now out guys are hurt and i know i wanted that a little but i just wished it could have been after their night cause poor Erin was so excited oh well i'll just wait to see what happens. Can't wait to see what's next and i'm so glad you're back just take a little time for yourself if you can.
10/13/2015 c180 Guest
Please update soon I miss this story
10/5/2015 c180 Bella
So In Chapter 30 you had Emmy go to a allergy specialist but here she went to the professor who solved the lactose problem.
10/3/2015 c70 Bella
So reading this again to catch up on all I missed and was wondering what happen to her friend from whe she was pregnant with Shay and did maternity yoga. And Lara the teen she helped out getting no her son back.
10/2/2015 c180 biihzane
This chapter was really good, so cute! And Erin's getting crazy hahaha Please say that she's not pregnant again, she need to go back to intelligence and have part of her old life back, stop with the kids for a sec HAHAHAHA And you should let she and Kelly have their special night before something happen, I mean, do it with Kelly, not Chace. Chace had plenty of drama the last time, Kelly deserves something HAHAHAHA CONGRATS!
10/2/2015 c180 Severide4Life
Great Chapter...finally glad to see Erin being nice to Kelly! Next chapter should be interesting...dont hurt the boys too much!
10/2/2015 c180 202Daisyangel
I'm lad she's okay. So will they decide to vaccinate later or not at all? I know at one point they said they wouldn't do it all, but am wondering if they'll change their mind after researching it a bit now they know she's okay.
10/2/2015 c180 sandygirl
Well i don't have a lot of medical back ground but i do have a niece who has had a peanut allergy since she was a little baby so on the with the epi pen you were spot on,i'm glad Emmy is ok but i'm really worried about Erin she just is all over the board with her emotions and i'm stumped. I just am loving Kelly and every sweet thing he is doing for her even just being there to hold her, can wait to see what he has planned for their special time cause you got the Linseride love down but i'm not looking forward to see what you have planned for our boys. Good job all round and can't wait to see what's next.
10/2/2015 c180 Michnkicks
I'm glad embers feeling better. Erin has been acting strange lately and I think this night alone with Kelly will be good. I saw you mentioned that something could happen to Kelly and chase that's going to be interesting. Erin is really going to be in mom and wife mode if something happens to them on the job. Update soon please
9/30/2015 c179 Daisyangel
I loved getting to see Shay with Ruby. I like Charlie and can't wait to see the next chapter.
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