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9/30/2015 c179 Severide4Life
Don't want to say I like the idea of Kelly getting hurt but maybe just enough to make Erin realize his importance- good idea Sandygirl! Plus it would be good to see Erin treat him with the same amount of care as thr girls! I like Zac or Brody for Watson
9/30/2015 c179 Guest
Both chapters were great! Thanks for the quick update! I hope Erin apologies to Kelly soon...he has been so great and sometimes she just snaps! Ready for a little more action and can't wait it arachnid PD tonight!
9/30/2015 c179 sandygirl
Well i'll start this off by saying i think it's great what Erin is doing to help out a friend but i think she has bitten off more than she can chew with 3 little girls so young but it's still was cute how Shay and Ruby were together, that being said i'm glad we're gonna get the babys' test results but i think with all the drama since Emmy was born that maybe they should come out great so they can finally close this chapter and really relax a little. As far as the drama coming for the guys i'm never one for our boys getting hurt but i think that you should have Kelly get injured and make Erin see just what he means to her and how much she really loves him cause i'm still pissed at the way she treated him last chapter. Sorry for the rant but she needs to see that Kelly loves them all so much and isn't going anywhere. Sorry i forgot about Watson, i like Brody.
9/29/2015 c178 UKgirl71
Brilliant detail in this, and a real sense of a typical family. Can't wait for your next update - am hoping for drama!
9/29/2015 c178 sandygirl
Ok i'm gonna jump right into this with a What the hell is Erins problem? The way she talked to her husband was like Hank had taken over her body and she treated him like Hank did when he thought Kelly wasn't helping out at home, i understand she's worried about Emmy and the test and she really doesn't want to have Emmy in the police ads but my god i have never wanted to slap someone like i wanted to slap her, I did like how she yelled at Chase for what happened with Shay that was funny and the whole picnic seemed really fun but is something else going on with Erin cause this just didn't seem like her to treat her husband like a second class citizen. I really was glad for the update and how long it was so Bravo on the chapter cause it really was great.
9/25/2015 c177 202Daisyangel
I'm glad this chapter had so much fun Shay and Erin time in it. I can't wait to see ther esults of Ember's test.
9/25/2015 c177 sandygirl
Well i hope that you're feeling better it's good to see you back, this was a really great update i'm with you cause i love reading about Shay she is just too cute, i'm loving this update a lot especially how you broke it into two days that was cool. I loved Erin taking the girls to the office and little Emmy in her police outfit sounded really cute and i'm glad we finally get to see her results i hope she's is gonna be fine but i'm with Erin i think she should talk to Kelly about the baby in the adds but if they don't put her in the paper she should do it. I love Platt she is just to funny but i did miss our boys in this update but i'm sure we'll see them in the next. Great update as usual still on the fence with Erin and work cause she just seems so content at home but we'll see.
9/24/2015 c177 Severide4Life
Can't wait for Kelly to join in the action :) good chapter! Hope you're feeling better .
9/19/2015 c176 Severide4Life update! Thanks! Glad Kelly and Hank finally seem to be getting along...more like Hank is finally being a little nicer. Good job!
9/19/2015 c176 sandygirl
First off i hope you start feeling better soon but you need to take it easy and take care of yourself, these updates will get done when you get them done we're not going anywhere so get better and then you write more updates it's that simple. Now onto the chapter update, can i just say that Voight is getting on my last nerves with this Kelly thing cause Kelly is a more hands on husband and father than Voight ever was and to bash him now every chance he gets is gonna just push Erin away because that's how much she loves her husband and nothing is going to stop that not even Hank, isn't he a little late with this i mean it should have been when they first got pregnant with Shay not all this time after. I know he loves Erin and wants what's best for her but she can't get any better than Kelly in her life and Voight needs to just back off, i loved how Erin put him in his place and stuck by her man and i just loved the end with Shay that little girl and the trouble she gets into is just to funny. Thanks for another wonderful update sorry for the long review and feel better soon!
9/17/2015 c175 Daisyangel
Poor Chase and Kelly can't catch a break with Hank and Russ. I can't wait to see what else you have in store. Please update when you can.
9/15/2015 c175 biihzane
Like I always say, drama is GOOD! Specially if it's some dram with Kelly hahah You know what a mean, and I think it's fair enoughy for you to skip a few weeks at the storyline. And as usual, congrats again!
9/14/2015 c175 UKgirl71
Loved how Kelly and Chase stuck together, and how Erin stuck up for her man.
9/14/2015 c175 sandygirl
Well i loved this chapter a lot it was a real change to anything written so far, the interaction with the guys was just to funny but i dd want slap the shit out of Hank for how he was treating Kelly that man does more than his share in that house and with his family but i loved how Chase and Russ defended him than Erin was just great. I like the time jumps a little but not to much i hate to miss anything but i understand where you're coming from so you know i'm just happy you still have so much planned for this story but i'm still on the fence about Erin and work, i know she has to go back but i just love her home with the girls and she just doesn't seem to have much time with her family when she is working but i'm sure it'll work out. I just want to see more family time, haven't seen to much of that lately. I would love to see what comes of Emmy and her allergy test and just how they handle mom and how mom handles being back at work Can't wait to see what's next.
9/14/2015 c175 Severide4Life
I love waking up to these updates! Poor Kelly...I hope Hank is just giving him a hard time because he really seems to be a wonderful husband and dad. I know Erin sees that...

I was hoping toward the end we were going to have a little bundle of surprise on the way but liked the way you added that element of humor instead ;) I'll keep hoping for a boy but for now I love what you are doing with the story and how you are able to show Kelly, the big tough squad lieutenant's softer side with his girls. Can't wait for the next update!
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