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1/29/2019 c271 sandygirl
Wow you had me going there for a minute,thought Kelly was gonna be in trouble but what he has planned is so nice for the whole family. I know I am the only one who doesn't want Erin back at work but they never seemed to have that much time for the kids or each with their schedules but I guess time will tell. Great update can't wait to read about the boat ride.
1/15/2019 c270 sandygirl
I loved this chapter so much,shay is so adorable, investments showing her what to do down the isle. Glad to see kim and Adam finally married but I still love that feel of love our Linseride still have for each other. I loved this update.
1/15/2019 c270 9fireman23
Even though it isn't an action scene, I really like what you've done with this chapter, Shay is simply adorable, and most importantly this chapter brings the plot forward as well (perhaps in more than one way?)
Great work!
1/8/2019 c269 PettyBabe

When you contacted me via PM and it ended with you telling me I would tear you down I was shocked since THAT was the last thing on my mind. I was being honest with you-means- I just told you what I thought about the story I used to care about.

I lost interest the longer the story progressed because there wasn't happening much. I missed REAL situations, drama and a story-plot and most importantly: I missed Chase. Like many former readers said before: No one wants you to change the focus from the Severide family to Chase. Many were just asking you to include him because we all thought that you introduced him for a reason.

I still think that you can include other characters without losing sight of what is the main-focus in this fic and YES-I have to say that you have done a PHENOMAL job with this chapter. Chase seems to have found his place in this fic and there was finally something happening again.

How detailed you described the firemen equipment makes it look like you really put much thought into this chapter. The drama, the Chicago fire Department you included. Can you see how exiting a chapter can be when other characters are included? Not just Erin, Kelly and their daughters. Their family seems to be so much bigger. Chase IS important. He is part of this story and I really hope that he will rock his presentation.

I also hope that Erin will play a much bigger part in his life. It seems their relationship is pretty much non-existent.

It will help you to write something challenging and worth to read when you can see that other persons can brighten your day. Their friends, Chase. They are all part of the Severides lives you know?

You did a PHANTASTIC job and I hope you won't think that anyone wants to tear you down. You get criticism when it's due and get praise when a reader thinks you deserve it.

I criticized you alot but this time I really enjoyed your work. After so many dull moments finally light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm going to ask the reviewers who left to give this story another shot.

Well done. :-)
1/8/2019 c269 fireman23
All I can say about this chapter is that I really loved it!
From a storytelling perspective, it's good to see a bit more plot than just always family time (although admittedly, the ending came a little abrupt, I hope you'll take it a little further in the next one). Also Chase is having something useful to do, which I hope we will see in more detail in the future as well, as he prepares for the presentation...

From a factual point, there's not much to critizie either - equipment checks are one of the most necessary (and annoying) tasks in any fire department, and a situation like this can easily arise, although I don't know any part of equipment around that just as a warranty for three months, except for sterile medical equipment (at least from the top of my head).
For the emergency, while it is a fairly exotic scenario, I don't see anything gravely wrong with it either. I guess even a fairly dull knife would cut more reliable than any damaged equipment, but it's more fitting this way I guess.

All in all, great work on this chapter!
1/1/2019 c268 fireman23
Happy New Year to you as well!
Nice update, even though there is not much happening...
1/1/2019 c268 sandygirl
Well I loved this update had a little bit of everyone,loved the scenes with the guys buying the dress,loved what as always she still makes me laugh. It is weird seeing erin getting ready to go back to work but that's life. Great update,thanks for sticking with this story.
12/31/2018 c268 PettyBabe
I do understand the reviews. Seems like the only reason Erin and Kelly keep Chase around is to be a helpful hand. Building up furniture, taking care of the girls. It's never about HIM. I don't see his purpose in the story to be honest. He has absolutely NO relationship or any chemistry with Erin which is REALLY sad. They never spend time together or even talk.

Very disappointing that you barely work with the character. This chapter was-yet again-a poor attempt to include Chase but he isn't really me he is no part of the family.

I totally get that readers start to get tired of this fic and leave. No diversity, only the girls are in the focus, no Chase scenes where it's actually about him. Very hard for me to enjoy this story.
11/24/2018 c267 Melissagirl
Sandy: chase is NEVER in any chapters. Thats the issue. If this story is about "building a family" then why was Chase introduced when he is never around? They could have had that family with their Two daughters without Chase but he was introduced and so of course People want him in the story. That he isn't "in every chapter" like you said is an huge understatement. He is in almost NO chapter since like ages and i dont know how a writer can introduce a character into a story and dont include him. Where is the point then?.

There is no reason to be as rude about it as Linda is but what she says is kinda right. Chase was introduced as part of the family and we havent heard or read anything about him for an eternity but got repetitive boring family moments with no substance or purpose or a real story arc, hey sorry!
11/24/2018 c267 sandygirl
First off I'm sorry I haven't been around but I've been through a rough year medica?my but I won't t bore you with the details. That being said I was unhappy with a few chapters but you are coming back but please don't t let that last reviewer put you down like that she hasn't been here from day one,this story is about Kelly and erin coming together as a family,raising their girls that is the story just because Chase isn't in every chapter doesn't make him less a part of the family. So please continue as you were cause the groove is so am i.
11/23/2018 c267 3Linda19
Oh wow when i read the name Chase I was really exited because i thought you havent forgotten about him, because I thought the Severide family hasnt forgotten about him but hey all he really was there for was to put up the Furniture for the girls room? Are you for real? Are you serious? Why dont you kill off chase when all you really want to do is to write NOT about him in the upcoming 200 chapters? Why is he still there? Why was he there in the first place?

Your story isnt moving forward and it has no diversity. Its always only about the girls.

You were complaining a few chapters back that you are out of ideas and YEAH that's what you REALLY are.

Boring as always. Like I said. Kill Chase off. He is never around Erin so it seems like he is a nobody to her and Severide? Well cant remember when the last time was that he really bonded with that boy. He was supposed to be family but he is NEVER there.

Bye but Im out as well. It's tiring but hey the daughters have a new room. Very exiting. Not. Bye
11/16/2018 c267 9fireman23
Well I guess IKEA is the same all over the world... ;)
Great chapter, and I don't find the jumps confusing at all, it's more like they help structure it a little better. Well done!
9/28/2018 c266 10VFBFan
I'm out and not reading this story anymore. I don't see the purpose. It's boring. What about Chase? It seems like he isn't even in the picture anymore. In my pov he was the most interesting character. But Erin and Kelly playing happy family with two perfect daughters is zzzzZzzzz

Good luck.
9/28/2018 c266 9fireman23
Well, you delivered a nice chapter, as usual. Shay really is adorable.
9/27/2018 c266 Geeralda
Still one of my favorite stories. They are so good for each other.
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