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7/31/2015 c156 Michnkicks
Hope your okay! But thanks for updating, Kelly is always so caring and focused on Erin I love it! So cute how they know each other so good they pick out the same gifts. I hope Erin realizes really she's a great mom to her kids and even role model to Nadia! As well as a wide to Kelly. Update soon please
7/31/2015 c156 sandygirl
First off i hope you're feeling better cause having an asthma attack can be one of the scariest things a person can go through trust me i know so don't ever apologize for being sick cause we want you healthy before any updates for this story happen cause believe it or not we really do care, now onto this story i'm just gonna say i loved everything about this update, Erins feelings when she woke were so great to flash back to her mom i so didn't see coming but Kelly handled it with such grace, i just loved how they both handled it but i so loved that they thought of the same exact gift gor each other just goes to show their LOVE in the purest form, kinda establishes that they are so perfect for each other. Can't wait to see what's coming next. Feel better, relax and we'll see you when we see you.
7/29/2015 c155 sandygirl
First off i wanted to wait until you added on before i update so here goes, i so loved the chapter and what you added on i love seeing just the two off them for a little while, enjoy themselves and just having grown up time but still talking about their kids, i love Erin and her sense of humor on everything going on at home making herself feel better for what Chase and Nadia are going through. I so loved their lunch and the lovely talking but i laughed so hard that Erin was so drunk on just a glass and a half but i guess since she hasn't drank for a while it does that to her, but i think the best part was the end when our Kelly just wanted to hold her in bed, no sex just them holding each other that was just too sweet. Loved the reminder for the condom that was funny too. Thanks for another great chapter and i can't wait for more.
7/29/2015 c155 Michnkicks
I love them! Kelly is so amazing! That conversation about chase tho! I like when they talk about him as their kid, I feel like he's turned into such a good person because of them and they have given him the family he always wanted. I wish that they would just adopt him or make it official, I know he's old but it's cool to see that they want to plan him a birthday like any of their other children. Love how youake the story so family orientated and then intimate for Erin and Kelly! Update soon please
7/29/2015 c155 sydcasy
Loved it!
7/27/2015 c154 sandygirl
I like that you're exploring their relationship and how they feel about each other, what they like about each other without the kids always front and center, doesn't mean they love them any less cause they adore those little girls, it's just nice to see them have fun and just enjoy their own company. I love how much they love each other but you got me a little scared with the talk about what would happen if they lost one of them cause that usually means doom but i'm not gonna think that way. This was just a really great chapter about our Linseride as a couple and enjoying life, i did love the phone call at the end though it made me laugh. Can't wait for more and have a great day.
7/27/2015 c154 Michnkicks
LOVE where your going with the story, it makes me want to re read the beginning to see how they fell in love and had Shay. And I'm excited that they got a phone call. Update soon
7/26/2015 c153 Michnkicks
I'm happy you updated, I loved the tension and love between Kelly and erin. Also how the others were doing at home. The girls chase and Nadia haven't heard from their mom and dad a little phone call would be cute. Anyways update soon please
7/26/2015 c153 sandygirl
Well first off i'm so glad you're back cause i have really missed these updates, hope you had a great time, now onto this wonderful, sexy update i think i can really just say WOW and OMG, too be woken up like that with the likes of a guy that looked like Kelly just what a lucky girl Erin is. I loved how he tries to make her feel like she's worth it and deserves everything she has and it's so cute to see how much she misses her girls, they way she was with Kelly when he thought he hurt her was just so loving and great. I can't wait for more and i'm so glad that you have so much more to write, just promise us that no matter what these twists and turns are they aren't going to rip our favorite family apart because i know we have Mike and April mentions for a reason i just don't want them to come between them as a couple and a family cause we have way to much invested, drama is fine, even a little trouble just nothing too bad! Pretty Please! Once again great to have you back.
7/25/2015 c152 Clodge6
Please come back soon!
7/18/2015 c152 202Daisyangel
Very sweet and wonderful. I'm glad it was finally posted.
7/17/2015 c152 Michnkicks
I'm so happy you updated! I love the tattoo idea I think that's cool. Kelly and Erin seem to be having a good time, it's funny to see Erin talk about having her babies and getting upset at her son for not putting the girls to bed earlier. I think they need to have a little boy that is bound to happen then the family would be complete. Can't wait to see what happens when they get home, I'm sure the kids, "all included" will miss them being around the house.
7/17/2015 c152 sandygirl
Well this was a surprise to wake up too, i have totally missed your updates but i'm glad that you're having a great time, wow i can't believe Kelly got a tattoo i never saw that coming but that was the sweetest thing in the world for him to do. I loved them talking about more kids and i laughed so hard with Erin trying to say having Emmy was like having two because she was so big that was just too funny, her having a fit because Shay was still awake so late and Emmy was too young that they shouldn't have left was also funny, i see a stern talking to for Chase and Nadia when they get home. But that end was so my favorite there are just no words to tell you how much i'm loving this anniversary week-end. Can't wait for more and i hope you continue to enjoy yourself you've earned it.
7/17/2015 c152 sydcasy
7/12/2015 c151 Michnkicks
I love them two together I can't wait for them to finish the rest of there time together. I want to see what's going on in the severity household while the parents are sure chase is being the best big brother to his little sisters It was interesting to see Erin ask jelly why he wanted her, i bet it kind of threw him off guard. But you can tell how much they love each other
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