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5/14/2015 c124 202Daisyangel
I'm glad they talked things out.
5/14/2015 c124 sandygirl
Now that was more like the Kelly and Erin we know and love, don't get me wrong you know i love their sex scenes but not when it's in place of them talking out their problems which i'm so glad they did, this was the Linseride i know and love, they talk out their problems than they move on which is what Erin needs to do, she doesn't need to prove to anyone what kind of mother she is cause she adores and loves those girls, would give her life up for them and Kelly she just needs to remember that. Thanks for another great chapter, can't wait for more.
5/13/2015 c123 Michnkicks
Erin's frustration was very out ms open, sucks that she had to take it out on her kids and kelly. I don't understand why the caller effected her so much. Wouldn't one in her position be happy and handful to the 911 response. I do get that it was a traumatic day tho. I hope that she gets it together because she sort of emotionally neglected her family today
5/13/2015 c123 Daisyangel
Poor Erin, just as she's starting to move on it's all brought up again.
5/13/2015 c123 biihzane
Here's Erin solving her problems with sex hahahahahah Smart girl
5/13/2015 c123 sandygirl
Ok first off i was so glad too see an update, i'll be honest i've been going through with draws, i hoped everything was ok with you and you were feeling better. Now let me talk about this update, i just loved the guys with Shay i really laughed alot, i loved Erin with the baby that was really cute but Erin needs to start talking too her husband, i understand that that lady calling made her think about what happened all over again but it wasn't Kelly that did it so she needs to stop blaming him, if something has been bothering her she has always been able to talk to Kelly and how come when he wants to be with her it's a no but it's ok for her to use sex just so she doesn't need to talk to him is just wrong. I really want the old Erin back. Please! other than that i loved the update.
5/9/2015 c122 biihzane
Finally you're baaack! And hope you get better soon, can't wait for more hahahah And poor Kelly, didn't have the chance to have his hot morning sex hahaha
5/9/2015 c122 sandygirl
I loved this chapter, really missed you all week and i hope everything is getting better but i gotta say i'm not liking the chill in the air from these two, i know things get hard when you have kids but they've always seemed to have time for just each other. They need to go back to date night maybe and find some mommy and daddy time cause this just wasn't the Linseride i know and love. Can't wait for the next updates, maybe things will be better with them i hope, although i know all married couples go through things i just want them to maybe have a little grown up fun away from the kids for a day or so. But i do gotta give an honorable mention to Shay with Erin shirt cause that was just too funny. Once again take care of yourself and get better please!
5/5/2015 c121 biihzane
Sorry for not being present, I had some issues last week, but today I've read all the missing chapters and I just loved it!
5/3/2015 c121 Guest
This was such a great chapter ! The whole family is involved. I love how chase takes on the big brother role so good! And hat Erin accepts him calling her mom it's sooo cute! It was interesting to see poor Shay so upset wanting to find her mom she wanted to get the attention from her mommy again. Overall great chapter can't wait for the next
5/4/2015 c121 Daisyangel
I know you'll do your best. I hope Erin doesn't have as much trouble being alone with the girls especially driving as she did with Shay after the accident. Of course it will take time but I know she will make it through especially with the help of the family.
5/3/2015 c121 sandygirl
Well i'm so glad you're feeling better and like i said every thing will slow down and get better just take every thing one day at a time, that being said i loved this chapter so much, everything was perfect, that fact that they finally got to introduce Ember to everyone was really great, i just love Shay so much and how upset she was that she thought she lost her mommy again that was to cute and of course having Linseride have a little alone time was also cute. Thanks for another great chapter and i can wait to see what you have planned for the rest of this story i hope.
5/2/2015 c120 jh126
I didn't get to see the last two hours of the Crossover till yesterday, and I was first in total disbelief that the writers killed off Nadia, then heart-sick, then mad. It seems like so many of the shows I've been watching are hell-bent on killing someone off. Enough! Let's hope this coming week is way better for you. I'm in awe of you anyway, writing so many chapters on such a regular basis, so don't feel bad, you're entitled to a few (several) days off. Maybe it's time to take a break, and relieve yourself of all this self-imposed pressure, and end this sequel. Once the writer's block is over, and your personal challenges ease up, you could always start a third sequel. We'll be here.
5/2/2015 c120 Daisyangel
I liked that chapter I think it was what was needed to help soothe the ragged edges of what they'd all gone through.
5/2/2015 c120 sandygirl
Well writers block or not this was a good update, a little shorter than usual but that's ok, i don't even want to talk about that crossover but please don't give up on this story because you have put so much into for all us Linseride fans and we love and appreciate everything you come up with, the time and effort it takes to come up with what you do. Everything in your life will settle down, just maybe take a step back, collect you thoughts and maybe the creative juices will flow again. But i loved this little family togetherness, remembering that they are a family, just being there for each other and just being together.
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