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9/27/2018 c266 Geeralda
Still one of my favorite stories. They are so good for each other.
8/23/2018 c265 9fireman23
Don't worry, the chapter is absolutely fine - even if a little shorter than most of the others. I am glad they finally got around to making up, and I hope to see them again happy in the future!
8/23/2018 c265 Geeralda
Love them and love this chapter. So good!
7/24/2018 c264 202Daisyangel
Glad Erin has so many people she can go to for help. Please update soon!
6/17/2018 c264 Geeralda
Great chapter. Love the vonerable side of Erin showing. The trip to the gunrange was fun.
6/17/2018 c264 9fireman23
Nice update, although I can hardly wait for Erin to be back at work so we see some action again. And come to think about it, we haven't heard of Chase and Nadia in a while...

All in all, well done!
6/13/2018 c263 202Daisyangel
It's tough when your emotions are all over the place.
6/13/2018 c262 Daisyangel
6/13/2018 c261 Daisyangel
Super cute chapter! I love the impromptu Severide daycare.
5/23/2018 c263 9fireman23
Nice chapter, it is good to see her being able to talk to someone - I only hope it will work out the same when she finally finds a way of talkin to Kelly.
5/23/2018 c263 Geeralda
Loved this chapter. It's great Erin is trusting on her support network. And the way you wrote all her different mixed emotions it's absolutely amazing. Can't wait to read when she finds out she actually is pregnant again.
5/14/2018 c262 Guest
Nooooooooooo! Please update soon. Dont leave mr hanging
5/9/2018 c262 fireman23
Well, in any case it's good to see you're still working on this story... and I rather like the fact that the story is actually moving forward, although in an unexpected direction. But admittedly, Erin might be a little hypocritical, after all she's usually joining in rather enthusiastic as well...
5/9/2018 c262 sandygirl
I for one don't hate you,you have to take the good with the bad but my God what the he'll is Erin problem,no offence you know I adore them but she has got to get a grip,she's the one that chose to stop for this year and do it there instead of talking to her husband,she's the one that was late,so what was Kelly suppose to do disappoint them because of her choices. I'm sorry for this rant but I am so sick and tired how she treats him so I hope the next update she gets a taste of what it feels like,let him great her that way for once. By the way it takes two to tango,she could have put that condom on herself. Could never hate you too much.
5/3/2018 c261 sandygirl
First off sorry it took so long to review recently had surgery, so into this chapter, all I can say is I loved everything about it laughed so hard when she forgot to get them tickets but I can just image him with that baby on his shoulder. I don't care what anyone says there is still so much story to tell. Thanks again for another great update.
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