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4/25/2015 c52 jh126
Hmmm...well, if she's there for why I think she is, she should know and have been practicing the ways to prevent that from happening. Which gets me back to my unanswered question from a chapter or two or three ago. Why had she been going to so many doctor's appointments? And, what decision? To quit using birth control? Woulda thought she'd discuss that with Kelly, even knowing that he'd be in favor of it.
4/25/2015 c51 jh126
I have to admit, I'd not have taken it so well if my new husband had PURPOSELY left the majority of MY clothes at home. Makes me shudder to think of it! Even if it were Kelly Severide. Aww, poor Erin! And nice to know, forget the ferry rides!
4/25/2015 c50 jh126
I thought their vows were perfect for them. Great job. Yeah, some might have looked at Kelly's car breaking down as a sign, omen, but like Erin, my first thought might have been to suspect Hank of tampering with it! He did an excellent job of stepping up as the father-of-the bride. But then, that's pretty much what he's been. Awesome chapter.
4/25/2015 c49 jh126
Wait, why was she going to so many doctor appointments?
4/25/2015 c48 jh126
Great chapter, once I was able to relax and could assure myself that Conti wasn't going to suddenly appear, and cause havoc, when she ran that errand for Gabby, or while they were dining at the upscale restaurant, or even at the beach resort. I know he was supposed to have left the country, but I just had a bad feeling about him. I did wonder why you didn't name the location of their pre-honeymoon, but I was glad they all had such a good time. AND, I'm glad Kelly didn't give in about the cake!
4/25/2015 c47 jh126
OMG! Geerrrr, Erin really irks me at how she refuses to share anything with Kelly. Sorry I don't see this relationship lasting for the long haul. I am glad she didn't have to go UC anymore, and that they found the women, alive. But let's hope the get Conti, too. Let Erin be the one who arrests him.
4/25/2015 c46 jh126
Oohhh! That Christiano Conti is just too obvious of a slime ball. Bet it's someone else killing those women! Yeah, how could she possibly think Kelly wouldn't be worried about her?! And the cat! Lol, how'd the cat end up in their house?!
4/25/2015 c45 jh126
See, I think the younger you try to teach kids, the quicker they learn. Their little brains are like a sponge, so good for Kelly. The botanic gardens sound like a great choice.
4/25/2015 c44 jh126
Wow! Good and smart move, Erin. Did wonder though, what was up with Naomi (love that name, btw).
4/25/2015 c43 jh126
The birthday party was obviously a great success. I have to say the pancakes as a decorated birthday cake, with peanut butter and jam did not and does not appeal to me! But I'm a decorated cake with whippy frosting kinda person, usually, except for the all-time best cake ever, German Chocolate with the caramel/pecan/coconut frosting. I didn't gleam much from the engagement party except that they ate a prepared-in-the-kitchen-sit-down meal, and then all converged together in the jumping castle (assume that's the same thing as a Bouncy House). Lol, different strokes for different folks, I guess.
4/25/2015 c118 sandygirl
Well first off Thank You for summing everything up and having Emmy be ok it has been a heart wrenching couple of days for me, i don't know about anyone else. That being said i'm glad Kelly made them go home and get some sleep, he took control and got his family settled and relaxed a little, i just gotta say that i love Shay so much as a big sister, how she knew something was wrong, making Erin pull over then Erin doing CPR those two saved that little girl, but Erin has got to let up on herself she is not her mother, her girls and husband adore her she needs to stop living in the past and enjoy her life right now other wise she is gonna miss all the good times life gives you. This was a great update, i'm glad our Linseride made it through ok and i always love how they say I Love You to each every night cause that has always been so important to me cause life is too damn short. Glad your dawn service was nice enjoy your week-end.
4/25/2015 c42 jh126
I just can't imagine having to deal with that much self-guilt. And, I wonder how Newhouse feels. Is he bitter, even slightly resentful to Kelly? He's too young to get disability or draw on his pension, so let's hope he gets long-term disability from the fire department for at least a year. I was amazed that her responses and advice were so wise.
4/24/2015 c41 jh126
I am glad they resolved it all. Still not sure if he actually got the ticket, or just a warning. And, while I understand about not wanting the negativity to overcome Kelly again, she does need to quit shutting him up (and/or down) when he wants to talk, just for her own selfish needs (for the warm fuzzy feeling to last longer, in this case).
4/24/2015 c40 jh126
Okay, obviously whatever happened at that meeting was very bad. So, imho, she should have let it go for a bit longer. But, the drinking needed to top, and she should have told him what she's said to him a long time ago. That she grew up with a drunk, she certainly wasn't going to deal with another one now. I hope Voight can give her some level-headed unbiased advice.
4/24/2015 c39 jh126
Really? Didn't get snobby from it, just too focused on what fashion magazines dictate. And her choices in what she thought (several times) was THE dress, made me think she'd be the last person I'd want to go shopping with! I hope Voight's wife's dress works out for her.
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