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4/24/2015 c117 sandygirl
This was a great update all around but for the first time i was really starting to want to slap Erin, i know she was worried and upset,wasn't thinking straight but she has got to stop thinking the worst and that everything is always her fault, i felt so much for Kelly and i really hope that they are ok and this isn't the start of any problems for them cause we have way to much invested in this love story and their family for them not to be able to handle this cause like or not kids get sick, things like these happen but you have to stay together and be there for each other. I just want them to get back to normal, spend time with their girls, themselves and enjoy their anniversary. I do love your writing it's just so hard to see this play out like this when there is a baby involved. I loved the Shay scene with Emmy and hopefully she gets a clean bill of health and everything goes back to normal. I Hope. Get some sleep and again another good chapter.
4/24/2015 c23 jh126
Not sure what's going on with her, unless it is just what she said, she doesn't like to focus on her body, at least when nude, in his presence? I don't get the impression that he's ever done anything or said anything that doesn't convey how beautiful he thinks she is. I like that he told her he'd keep saying it until she did believe him. Seriously, he is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
4/24/2015 c22 jh126
Amazing that Cindy accepted the thought of another child to care for. But, I have a distant family member who just can't fathom not having a baby in the house , so she fosters children, babies, often several at a time. That could be Cindy, some day!
4/24/2015 c21 jh126
Kelly is definitely the marrying type, while Erin is not. The only couple I've every heard of that's lasted, without the benefit of marriage, is Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russsell (30 years), so it could be done, I guess. But it seems it's Kelly who generally initiates the "I-love-yous," not Erin.
4/24/2015 c20 jh126
OMG! I KNOW I wouldn't have been so forgiving. I'd of had the damn bat spending at least a night in jail for all the anguish she caused, not only to Erin, but Kelly, too. Whew! Glad that's over, and that they cleared the air, made up.
4/23/2015 c19 jh126
Whoa! You just amped up the angst on this story! My guess is that it's Claire who took the baby.
4/23/2015 c18 jh126
Okay, frankly, I'm amazed at Erin's behavior. She should be sleeping on the damn couch, not Kelly.
4/23/2015 c17 jh126
I like the way they both manage to comfort each other after a really touch shift. The advantage of both working jobs that save lives, for the most part, I guess.
4/23/2015 c16 jh126
I'm really a little bothered by how Erin acts towards Kelly whenever there's any kind of crisis. I guess she's a good bit like Leslie Shay. Could scare the pants off grown men if she wanted to.
4/23/2015 c15 jh126
Ohmygosh, poor baby. What on earth is wrong with her? Wondering if it's RSV? Hope they can get it sorted out, and get her better really soon.
4/23/2015 c14 jh126
Aww, sweet, and loved the 'bubble bath' with the bubble hats. The daycare sounds quite satisfactory, and with a successful first day.
4/23/2015 c13 jh126
Oh so glad the search went so well, now just anxious to see how they both handle leaving Shay with a 'stranger.'
4/23/2015 c12 jh126
Pfftt! Please! Kelly works on boats and cars. He surely could put together a packaged bookshelf. I've assembled a huge tv entertainment center, BBQ grills, and cribs. Takes me several attempts, and I did get the shelf on the grill backwards, but I got 'em all done. Their first Christmas together was nice, and how great that it was in their new home. Nice too, that Voight was made part of it, along with her other single (otherwise alone) friends.
4/23/2015 c11 jh126
I like Erin becoming somewhat domesticated! Don't think she could ever be called Susie Homemaker, but she's venturing out, trying to put whole meals together.
4/23/2015 c10 jh126
I'm not sure I like how much Erin takes control of nearly every situation over Kelly. It's almost like she unconsciously has to emasculate all the important men in her life, except for Hank, and that's probably because he's the closest thing to a father she's ever had, and her boss. And I don't like how Kelly lets her get away with it. Hank getting "Papa" out of Shay before anything else was a riot.
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