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3/28/2015 c95 sandygirl
Wow this was a really sweet chapter, i just love all the questions Shay was asking, she is just a funny little girl, i think she is the perfect combination of both of her parents, she is gonna be so sweet and funny when that new baby comes but they are so gonna have their hands full especially when Shay wants to help and play with the baby but she's just so little and they get the next 20 questions on why she can't. Thanks for a really sweet chapter and i'm getting so excited for the next arrival. Is it still gonna be chapter 100 cause that means we could have are new baby by the end of the week?
3/27/2015 c94 biihzane
This was so SO cute, OMG hahahahah
3/27/2015 c94 sandygirl
This was a fun day for our birthday girl, everything seemed to be so great for her and her parents seemed just as happy as her, it's a shame Erin had to run into Bunny but i did love how she handled it so good job with that. I just am getting some weird vibes from Chase, i can't really explain it but i hope he isn't falling for Erin because she's been there for him, gave him a place to live which by the way he doesn't seem to eager to leave, has been through the same as him i hope it's just that he likes to feel part of a family since it seems he really didn't have that, i'd hate for something bad to happen. All in all i really loved this chapter except i missed grandpa Hank being their.
3/26/2015 c93 LaJoyMechell
Amazing chapter! The whole chase thing really got me this chapter..I was so moved by Erin's big heart and not being so quick to judge chase...she's been where he is before, and she brought out how many times people were so ready to give up on her, and now look where she is in her life..she has a great success story, and I can definitely see chase rising form his past and one day looking back and appreciatating that he had someone who didn't give up on him..erin is definitely his "voight"...I think it's so important that once you go through something and get through, to not forget where you came form and help others reach where you are..anythings possible..beautiful message conveyed in this story!..and love the support erin has, her speech was pretty great even if it was just in front of a few people..because these few people mean the world to her, and I know that there is no way she'd rather have it..please update
3/25/2015 c93 biihzane
I can really imagine Erin making a super speech hahaha Congrats
3/25/2015 c93 sandygirl
Well now i can breath a little easier now that this is all worked out, sorry i jumped the gun on Chase but hey trouble seems to follow Erin so i got a little worried but boy did she handle those men in her life, i feel so sorry for them having three Erins in the world, this was a really great update and i really loved the end, glad that Kelly let her explain before he went off on her very grown up of him. I'll miss an update tomorrow but i'm really excited to be closer to our new baby!
3/24/2015 c92 LaJoyMechell
Chase called erin for help..Im actually glad that she was able to help him, even though a part of me was worried for her safety as she is pregnant, and he's talking about drug dealers and stuff..just want erin and the bay out of Hamas too, but you get the picture...hope that chase Chase CNA get the help he needs..he seems like he has good intense toons, just bad company and decsions he made in the past stil riding his back...Greta chapter..please update
3/24/2015 c92 sandygirl
Ok i can safely say this isn't gonna go over well with the hubby, i understand why she did it because he reminded her of herself and she would do anything for Russ but how could she bring that man to her house when she has a little girl there, i know she has the fence and everything but what if these guys find out where Chase is, they aren't gonna think twice about hurting anyone in that house. So i hope she calls Hank and gets his help and gets Chase the hell out of there. That being said it was still a good chapter and i so can't wait for the newest edition to come so skip ahead as much as you want although will that mean that our story will be at a closer end cause then i'm not so sure. Can't wait for the next update.
3/24/2015 c92 Michnkicks
That's nice that she is helping him, hopefully jelly is okay with it.
3/24/2015 c92 biihzane
Sorry for not let you a review yesterday, I wasn't okay, bur anyway, that was a really good chapter and this one too. Can't wait to see what'll happen with Chase, and I can't wait for the new baby so Erin can go back to work, she's better being a detective AND a mum/housewife
3/23/2015 c91 LaJoyMechell
A girl! so happy it's a baby girl, I mean I would grave been cool with a little boy, but girls run the world...that means more pink and shays going to have a little sister! I for one, love having a sister, it's a bond that I'm so fortunate to have..sisterhood is like basically have a built in friend...can't wait..but I'm with erin, I jus want the baby to be born at a healthy time and not rushed like shays this story to peices! And Jay is hilarious...hope he can keep his mouth shut..can't wait to read more..please update
3/23/2015 c90 LaJoyMechell
Love love love this chapter! Nothing I didn't love...omg, I didn't even know where to start..first off congrats to another year of life for kelly! And erin for planning such an amazing party..I loved the ice skating idea, very fun..also love that erin talked to chase personally , and revealed that she too had a drug problem, but overcame it, and now no one can even glad that they both are on the same page...and the family time killed me with cuteness! Especially when the baby decided to makes its prescence known and celebrate their daddies birthday too...
3/23/2015 c91 sandygirl
Well i was very surprised that you went with another girl, not that i don't like it i just thought maybe Kelly would get that boy but we all know that all he cares about is a healthy mom and baby, i hope that Erin relaxes a little with the rest of the pregnancy and just remembers that even though Shay was early everything turned out ok with her, she needs to enjoy her time left with Shay before the new baby comes or she's gonna end up delivering early again. I loved this chapter and how long it was, i just can't wait for this little bundle to arrive. Thanks for all the shout outs, we should be giving them to you for taking the time to write such great stories. So THANK YOU!
3/23/2015 c91 sydcasy
Love how Kelly will be surrounded by girls :D:D:D:D:D:D wonder what the name will be?! Can't wait for more!
3/22/2015 c90 biihzane
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