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3/22/2015 c90 sandygirl
You know just when i think these updates can't get any better you just go and surprise me, the gift that you have coming up with stories just blows my mind away, that being said this was one of the best and cutest updates you have done to date, everything about this update was perfect, but i have to say i loved the end the best when they were talking about the baby and kissing Erin belly just wonderful. Can't wait for tomorrow cause i'm am so excited to see which gender you went with.
3/22/2015 c90 Michnkicks
Lov this chapter
3/22/2015 c88 LaJoyMechell
Yess! Kelly's hone at last...three days felt like forever,, I believe in second chances and that people can change, so I'm a little confused about the whole chase situation..he seems to be a pretty good kid now, whatever he did in the past seems distant...but If his actions has caused a riff between Voight and Russ , I wonder if there is more to the story...and while I'm all for erin being protective of her husband, I'm not seeing chase as a threat at tge moment..hopefully it stays this way...and so happy that they're picking out names! Can't wait to see where fate takes them...️..get well soon
3/21/2015 c89 Michnkicks
Yes gender!
3/21/2015 c89 202Daisyangel
Yes I want to know!
3/21/2015 c89 sandygirl
This was a very happy chapter, so thank you for that, Kelly is like a big kid as far as wanting a pet and i'm glad they get to keep the cat at least for the time being. Can't i just say how much i love Christopher he is so funny, he had me dieing when he talked about the socks, i really did think Erin was gonna banish Kelly too the couch forever but i'm glad she wasn't that mad. I would love to know the sex of the baby but am ok with what ever you decide. Thanks for another great update and can't wait for the next one, am really getting excited for this baby to arrive and see how Princess Shay will be with it.
3/20/2015 c88 biihzane
Hahahaha I can't imagine Erin's reaction when Kelly tell her about the radio story
3/20/2015 c88 sandygirl
Well i was very surprised to see this chapter up, i hope you feel better soon, now onto the review, i so want Kelly to tell Erin that the guys heard everything and not just let her find out on her own cause she will kill him, that being said i don't like the vibe i'm getting with Erin talking to Chase, i just feel like he's gonna take it the wrong way and do something to Kelly or worse Erin, they have come so far with everything i just don't want anything to happen to that baby, drama is one thing injuries is something totally different. I think it's time to maybe skip ahead a little cause i'm really wanting this baby to be born already Please. Well this was a good chapter and i can't wait to see if Erin can pull off the surprise party for the hubby.
3/20/2015 c88 sydcasy
Thanks for the update, felt sorry for Kelly at the end and at the same time wanted to laugh :D:D:D:D Can't wait for more.
3/19/2015 c87 Michnkicks
Loved this chapter
3/19/2015 c87 biihzane
OMG! HAHAHAHAH I'M DEAD WITH THE END! Poor Kelly! Erin'll never be able to show up again at the firehouse hahaha God, he was so stupid
3/19/2015 c87 Daisyangel
Oh my, Erin will be mortified when she finds out. lol
3/19/2015 c87 sydcasy
3/19/2015 c87 sandygirl
All i'm gonna say is WOW, this was by far one of the sexiest updates we have had in a while and i'm so glad that you didn't make it into two chapters cause that would have left us grasping for more, that being said i'm glad Erin is feeling better and i so knew she was gonna get a fence around that yard, what i didn't like was Hanks warning about Chase but not telling Erin more, i don't like the sounds of this guy, what if he's a douche and something happens to someone, how's the mighty Hanks gonna feel then. But i can't believe that radio was on the whole time, Erin is gonna kill Kelly when she finds out but i never laughed so hard. Thanks for the great update, will miss you tomorrow if there's no update but i think we'll survive after this one.
3/19/2015 c85 LaJoyMechell
This cat is evil! Well, I know that's not logical, but I have to blame something just in case Shay got heart just flipped..omg, I hope it wasn't her...I'm glad they made. A fairy garden of their own , but I don't know if the memory will be to happy if Shay gets for the delicious cookie creations erin keeps making, yum!...hope the Shay will have more girls to play with..nervous to read the next chapter..
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