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4/25/2018 c261 Brenda Burn
so glad you are back, really love this story and your writing
4/25/2018 c261 Geeralda
I had to catch up on the last 3 chapter, but it's was nice to see a new update. Still really like this story. You write Linseride in such a pleasant way. Hope you find the fun in writing again.
4/25/2018 c261 Grahamgirl93
Forgetting the tickets turned into fun! I bet he did look good with two babies in his arms! Nice chapter! Still loving it!
2/9/2018 c260 202Daisyangel
I had a lot to catch up on as I started a job then found out I'm expecting our first child so reading has slipped away some. I can't wait for the next update. Loving this story and the family you've created.
1/10/2018 c260 10VFBFan
Well your story-plot of a young family with two perfect daughters was clichee from the start. Doesn't suprise me that you're out of ideas.
1/9/2018 c260 sandygirl
First off it breaks my heart that you feel this way about this great story,I know having this many chapters is hard but nothing has ever been boring or without drama which to me makes for a great story which in my opinion this chapter was great. I just hope that you will see this through to the end cause I plan on staying so you take your time cause life does happen but I'll still be here. Can't wait to see what is coming.
1/6/2018 c260 9fireman23
Well, I wish you that the joy of writing may return - but at least the quality isn't suffering yet. It is great to see them get back to the rest of their expanded family, and perhaps soon back to work. Well done!
12/30/2017 c259 Brenda Burn
I love this so much. thanks
12/17/2017 c259 fireman23
Frankly I didn't realize I was missing Chase and Nadja for the last couple of chapters, until I read this and I kept grinning the entire time. Great Work and Merry Christmas!
12/13/2017 c259 sandygirl
Well this was a surprise to wake up to,I don't know why you are so hard on yourself I thought this was a great family update,loved Kelly and Erin they are just to funny together,loved them with the kids but I'm not sure about Chase and Nadia getting engaged yet but that's just me. Thanks for another great update,can't wait to see what's next
11/12/2017 c258 Grahamgirl93
Family time followed by their time... wonderful!
11/12/2017 c258 sandygirl
This was another great, family day, i just love Shay even more every update, you know i love our Linseride couple still have that love and sex appeal but i would love to know who's coming. Can't wait to see what's next.
11/12/2017 c1 Geeralda
Nice update. Really love the visit to the market. But who is coming?
11/12/2017 c258 fireman23
Great update, I loved the picnic scene - and I'm curious as to who is coming... Well done!
11/5/2017 c257 sandygirl
This was a really sweet family outing, I love Kelly and Shah time so much,love how Emmy is starting to talk. Can't wait to see what's next. Thanks for another great update.
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