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3/15/2015 c83 biihzane
The dinner was awesome, and I love cute Linseride hahahhah BUT, can we have some drama? I think something need to happen to Kelly on the job
3/15/2015 c83 sandygirl
This was such a cute chapter, i love these types of updates, i know that sounds mushy but i don't care, that being said i love that Kelly got to spend the day with Shay, taking her to class, playing with her and just letting Erin have a relaxing day, i have a niece who is a little over 2yrs old and she has so much energy and is so funny to be around, gets into her own but reading these updates she just reminds me so much of what Shay would be like, i was a little annoyed with what Erin said to Kelly and how she talked to him but i'll chalk that up to pregnancy hormones. Thanks for s sweet and funny update can't wait for the next. How ever you wanna say pajamas is fine with me.
3/14/2015 c82 sandygirl
This was a surprise to wake up too , having this great update so thank you for that, i loved the dinner and how shy Shay was at first, it was great getting a little more incite into Erin at the academy and i'm really glad she got Kelly to take Shay to her class so she could rest, not good for her to be this tired when she is pregnant with an almost 2yr old. Loved everything about this update you should be very proud cause it was fun to read. Thanks again for the surprise and have a great day today.
3/12/2015 c81 202Daisyangel
Hurricane Shay, I love it.
3/12/2015 c81 sandygirl
Well i liked this whole update, loved that little girl with all those cupcakes and the guys just giving her more and more. Seems to me Erin is trying to make up for not working by doing just as much activity and running around as if she was working, she needs to take it easy before she ends up having this baby early too. I really missed not having an update yesterday you have spoiled us with this story but we all got by, can't wait for the dinner chapter should be fun.
3/12/2015 c81 LaJoyMechell
I knew erin could do it! Can't wait for the celebratory dinner with Russ...I love cupcakes! So I can see shays loveog them too..but for a toddler, all that sugar has her on a, when she craved and fell asleep under the squad table...she is a handful with her new eating habits and energy that never seems to end...I hope it's not to much on erin ...she needs to rest and take care of herself and the baby..please update
3/12/2015 c81 biihzane
I liked this one, dinner can wait till next one
3/12/2015 c81 sydcasy
Aww that was such a cute chapter :D:D:D:D:D:D Great update, can't wait for more.
3/11/2015 c80 Daisyangel
A very long but well loved chapter. Please update as soon as you can.
3/11/2015 c80 biihzane
That sucks, but you need to live your life, so, enjoy and take your time
3/10/2015 c80 LaJoyMechell
Loved this chapter..kelly and erin got some much needed time out! It was pretty cute...when kelly thought that he didn't have enough love to go around..that he coukdnt love this baby...I know he does and will be amazing..and Jay was funny even if he didn't get a lot of mention..,lol...please update
3/10/2015 c80 sandygirl
Well after the chapter you just gave us, even though i will miss the updates that is ok, what a great chapter, everything i was looking for in it, them talking about the driving, Kelly being insecure about having enough love for his family was so honest and so sweet, i'm sorry if i'm sounding sappy but with the drama going on in my life right now i look forward to the good things in these stories that i read. So thanks for one of the best updates,can't wait for more, am really getting excited for the new baby.
3/10/2015 c80 sydcasy
Loved this chapter!
3/9/2015 c79 biihzane
Hahahahah Erin even forgot Kelly's naked torso with this question
3/9/2015 c79 LaJoyMechell
Russ is amazing! I wish I had someone like that to push me...glad you got to experience it...i know that he has Erin's best interest in mind, and he will help her overcome...when he made her run laps, despite her excuse of being pregnant, I knew he was serious a out not letting her give up..even if she gets frustrated or scared..hope it continues..please update
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