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3/9/2015 c79 sandygirl
Well having a mentor like that explains this update, which was great by the way, i just think she should discuss this all with Kelly so he can understand what she is doing and why she is doing it, but i am glad that she is working through all this cause i would love to see the old Erin back, would also like to see a little family time maybe after she works through this which we all know she will. Can't wait for the next update.
3/8/2015 c78 LaJoyMechell
Sounds like I need to take up yoga If its this relaxing, that erin and Sharon have something else in common..blaze obsessed husband! That's hilarious..and Cindy, always there to her, she's so sweet, and great with kids..I'm really proud of erin! Taking it upon herself to visit her old instructor and learn and drive again, without all of the fear. And bonus because she drove Shay to cindys place. Love Russ's enthusiasm and big heart when it comes to helping these students pass this test. I'm sure he'll be really good at helping erin , especially since he's gonr through something similar with his accident. Great chapter..can't wait to see more progress from erin! Please update
3/8/2015 c78 sandygirl
Well other than missing Mr. Severide in this update i thought it was really great, laughed so much with the talk about the Blaze movie, i'm so glad Erin is finally getting the help she needs, never thought about taking this route so that was really great idea. As far as yesterday was concerned i loved everything about it except maybe Erin attitude other than that i thought it was a fun update, never beat yourself up so much it isn't worth it cause like it or not we're here to stay or at least i am as long as you're writing. Try to have a great day and relax a little.
3/7/2015 c77 LaJoyMechell
Though erin refuses to drive right now, she made a little progress by trying ...maybe one day..glad they got spend time with everyone at the picnic..sorry that hanks birthday brings up some sadness in his heart..I wish Camille was still here...but it was a pretty good day..Shay had fun..even Jay once again made her cry...and erin seems to be doing nausea or anything, aside from being tired..adam is hilarious..he sucks at not bring obvious..when he commented on Erin's haircut and dress,lol...please update
3/7/2015 c77 sydcasy
Loved it, that family BBQ scene was sweet!
3/7/2015 c77 sandygirl
This was a really cute chapter, a loved when Jay the idiot actually made a little girl cry, but i don't know if it's just me but i think it's time Erin gets some help with this driving thing, i thought once she told Kelly he would help her and it would get better but this is out of control now and i know she is pregnant and all but she was being kind of a bitch to almost everyone that day, i just want the old Erin back, is it possible she is re-thinking not working until after the baby is born and it's starting to take it's toll, i could be wrong but something has got to give and soon. I really loved everyone in this chapter but her at the moment. I don't want to be mean cause i really love Erin and Kelly i just don't want this to come between them.
3/6/2015 c76 LaJoyMechell
Really loved this chapter..I wondered how erin would tell kelly about her fear of driving..and you made it easier for her to explain, with kelly being i. His intoxicated state. He was listening and being honest, but not really sober enough to stop his thoughts. When he voiced his fears and nightmares about seeing erin all bloodied again, it broke my heart. Surely I should have known that erin wasn't the only one effected by the accident. That it would take a toll on the man that loves her with all his heart. This was a different kind of heart of heart, but good nonetheless. Things were said between them that weren't all that nice, but the resolve they came up with, and severide wanting to help her overcome her fear was very nice..this is definitely something that they are going to work on as a pair..can't wait to see it happen..please update
3/6/2015 c76 biihzane
I loved this chapter and drunk Kelly, but am I a bad person for wanting some drama? Hahahahah I mean, for real, I REALLY want somenthing to happen to Kelly, maybe been traped on A fire, idk hahahah
3/6/2015 c76 sandygirl
Oh wow that was just so great, never once crossed my mind that Kelly was suffering too after almost losing the love of his life, i'm so glad that Erin finally told him although was scared for a minute when they were talking about going on that train and it was gonna start a fight but they got through that. I loved Shay being her usual loud cute self and i am so glad they talked to each other and hopefully everything will start getting resolved, Kelly can help Erin and life can move forward. Really was weird not having an update yesterday but this more than made up for it.
3/4/2015 c75 biihzane
Poor Erin, but she'll get trought this (: And what's happening to Kelly!?
3/4/2015 c75 LaJoyMechell
Morning sickness..poor erin..I hope it will lessen as her pregnancy moves form..also her fear of driving..that big scare they had when Shay turned up the volume of the TV, scared me too. Kelly's right, all of this stress isn't good for erin and the hope that she can at least get more help with her driving. Her reaching out to Antonio was a pretty good move.. I hope that she will keep her word and tell kelly within the 24 hours...really great chapter..please update
3/4/2015 c75 sandygirl
That's what i kinda thought about the skipping ahead but even a few weeks still gets us closer to the new baby so that's fine, but now i'm worried about what's going on with Kelly i hope it's nothing bad again cause i don't know how much more this poor family can take. I can't wait until she finally tells Kelly about the driving cause it's gone on long enough although i wish she would have spent a little more time trying to find out what is bothering Kelly, i did love the part with Shay and the remote that was funny. But my one question is Erin starting to resent being home instead of working cause this was her decision not Kellys' so don't take the attitude out on him. Can't wait for the next update will miss you tomorrow.
3/3/2015 c74 LaJoyMechell
Erin coukdnt do hope that this will get easier for her..but I had teared up myself, when Shay waved bye, bye..that had to be really overwhelming..erin loves her to much to ever endanger her...I'm glad that the train ride worked out for them. And the class sounded like fun...hope that if erin doesn't open up to kelly , she'll go to someone else..really great all the moms and Shay moments...can't wait to read more, please update
3/3/2015 c74 202Daisyangel
I liked both the daily chapters and the skipping in time. I hope she works on the driving again and tells Kelly what's going on.
3/3/2015 c74 sandygirl
Well i'm loving the change and having a day by day i think is really different in a story so whatever you decide i ok with it, i just am really loving her being home and i can't wait for the new baby and all that excitement but i think it's time for her to talk to Kelly and get over this fear of driving. I know she loves her baby and doesn't want her to get hurt but she needs to talk this out and let Kelly help her get over this fear. Can't wait for more and when you do skip ahead how much time are we talking.
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