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3/2/2015 c73 LaJoyMechell
Loved this chapter...kelly is such a big kid, lol..but glad that he and Shay enjoyed the fun time together..shays little shenanigans are adorable...and the baby bump is starting to show! So excited fro the little family..they have a new member on the way, can't wait...and I realized that erin has yet to reveal her driving troubles to kelly..but shel get there eventually I hope..I love Herrmanns kids! They are sooo cute to me...glad everyone enjoyed themselves..even kelly and erin *wink, wink*...lovely chapter..please update
3/2/2015 c73 sandygirl
Thank you so much for this great update i loved everything about it, the shower before babysitting, i needed a cold one after reading that, i just am loving stay at home mom Erin all the things she does with Shay are just so cute, but the best part after the shower was how jealous Erin was with all the moms and the attention Kelly got. I like the day to day updates and have no problem with skipping ahead. I do hope she is ok when she has to drive for the first time. Can't wait for more updates.
3/1/2015 c72 LaJoyMechell
Congrats to matt and gabby on baby aiden! He's finally made his apperance, and he sounds adorable...really beautiful name. Makes me wonder what erins due day will be as for the driving situation, I figured that the accident still had an effect in erin..I hope that she and kelly csn talk about it...please update
3/1/2015 c72 sydcasy
Great update, can't wait to find out what the Severide's will have now - pink or blue :)
3/1/2015 c72 202Daisyangel
The fear is normal, but she's going to have to tell Kelly soon.
3/1/2015 c72 sandygirl
Wow well thank you for that, i always liked those names together, now onto this update i just loved it and it never dawned on me that she hasn't been driving till i went back through updates and saw all the times that she walked to different places, that being said she needs to talk it out with Kelly i think he can help her get over this fear, although i so understand where it's coming from she's scared of hurting her babies and i can't blame her but she needs to face her fears. I can't wait till this baby comes i think we should have it's delivery be during a storm and let daddy deliver him would be such a great family moment, just saying. Can't wait for the next update and Thanks again.
2/28/2015 c71 LaJoyMechell
Looks like the dentist wasn't too bad...kelly held it together, after a little meltdown, and Shay was won with a pink sparkly toothbrush...literally my fav part of visiting the dentist when I was little was the new electric princess toothbrush, sticker, and toy...and their version of hide and seek, was so cool...kelly is definitely cheating, lol...but glad they're having fun with it..hooe Shay enjoys her swim lessons...sounds like erin has not working under control...please update
2/28/2015 c71 sandygirl
Ok i don't know about anybody else but i'm loving this side of Erin, her playfulness, how she was with Kelly at the dentist and their game of Hide and Seek was just adorable, i know it's not gonna last but i love this side of Erin that doesn't have to let work revolve around her, she can have a stress free pregnancy without having to worry about doing her job right and spending enough time with her family. I'm just loving this story right now and can't wait for more. Let me also just say the love these have for each other and their family is just so fun to read and feel.
2/27/2015 c70 biihzane
Sorry for not reviewing the last chapters, I had some problems last week.. Panic syndrome.. But now I'm back, and I'm loving their little family, but Erin is getting a little boring without being at work hahahha She can't be a housewife!
2/27/2015 c70 sydcasy
Big mr fireman is afraid of the dentist - hilarious :D:D:D:D:D:D Loved the update as always, can't wait for more.
2/27/2015 c70 LaJoyMechell
Love the mommy daughter activities! Mommy and daughter hobo sounds really relaxing . Sounds like the girls had quite a day, between making biscuits and watching movies..I can get used to this..uh oh...I'm not a big fan of the dentist either, I'm with kelly,'s a process, so I hope that kelly can set a good example for Shay. And love that erin is mrs, severide now..and that she keeps reminding him that she is still her own person. This is the erin I know and admire. Strong and independent, but so loving. And her fear of aprons is funny...I don't want to be a housewife I can see where she's going...but glad she and kelly share a is shays last name severide too? I'm sorry if you already mentioned it and I forgot...ready for more family the way you write it..please update
2/27/2015 c70 sandygirl
I know this isn't very pc to say but i'm loving stay at home Erin right now, she seems so relaxed and enjoying being with her baby and being there when her husband gets home, even if she does lose all track of time it was still a great chapter and i can't wait for their cute family moments. I'll take this over drama any day, yes i know it won't last so i'll just enjoy it why i can. Thanks for this fun chapter can't wait for the next. Ps i'm loving the kick Kelly gets just calling her Mrs. Severide just love it.
2/26/2015 c69 Michnkicks
I love there little family, I feel like shay will be a jealous baby tho :( she's so used to all the attention she loves Erin!
2/26/2015 c69 LaJoyMechell
Really great long as Erin's happy , and she really seems to so happy the baby is doing better than okay! Really good scan, loved the fact that they brought Shay ..and that they were reminded not to keep calling her baby, that sit would only cause issues down the road..I know all about sibling rivalry and problems of that sort...I have 10 siblings so...and kelly is soo good to erin..going out of his way to show her he cares...and I have had slated penuts on ice goodness., it's amazing! Erin's def making me hungry...her cravings the format...but whatever you're comfo with...please update
2/26/2015 c69 sandygirl
You have so grown as a writer but i've loved everything you have written, drama and all, that being said i think you should do whatever makes you happy but it would be kinda cool to have a story just for the new baby and family dynamics change with the parents and having two kids but i'll read whatever, as far as the Erin and Shay i think that would be cute too focus on her and mommy and how they spend their time together. Congrats on everything you have coming up' i'll miss the everyday updates but would all be ok. Hope this helped and good luck with everything.
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