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2/26/2015 c69 sydcasy
Aww Kelly's so cute running for the peanuts :D:D:D Can't wait for more!
2/25/2015 c68 LaJoyMechell
Erin not working is something I'd never thought Id hear...but she had a little scare, and that put things into perspective for first..Shay and the baby need her to give 100 percent...not sure how much of that is true, but if this is what erin wants..I just want her to be happy..wonder how long she'll last before she gets tired of being at home all the time...please update
2/25/2015 c68 sydcasy
Did not see that one coming! Loved the update, can't wait to read how Erin will handle being at home all full time!
2/25/2015 c68 sandygirl
Well once again you've surprised me in a great way i might add, i never saw this coming at all so that makes you a great writer in my books, the fact that she was so scared with the accident that she's willing to take an early leave to be a better mom and wife even though i think she's great at both just goes to show how much our Erin has grown, i too think she'll go crazy being home all the time but i think she'll turn it into a good crazy. I'm glad that Kelly supported her in her decision and i'm glad that Voight and the team are ok with it. Thanks again for this wonderful surprise cause you really had me on this. Can't wait to see how she handles being home.
2/24/2015 c67 LaJoyMechell
Hope erin can keep her promise and take it easy...I just want her and the baby to be safe after all that that her and kelly gut to text like the good old times..very sweet...hope it continues...a little nervous about the "something big" coming my way tommorow...please update
2/24/2015 c67 202Daisyangel
Oh I can't wait to find out what!
2/24/2015 c67 sandygirl
You just love doing that to us don't you, giving us these great updates the last few days, great family time then BOOM the ax falls. I don't know if i want to read tomorrows update but you know i will cause i just love this story, good or bad updates. Thanks for the great family time and i'll wait patiently for tomorrow but please let everyone be ok! Don't think i can't handle too many tears right now.
2/24/2015 c67 sydcasy
Glad for the happy family time! Great update, waiting for the next one :D:D:D
2/23/2015 c66 LaJoyMechell
Love the announcement! It played out perfectly! Plat really has no filter or no chill...and shays was adorable..omg ruzek is hilarious! Always finding a way to make something funny, but I think hearing the babies heartbeat was really neat...can't wait until this bay is here, and gabbys baby too...and glad that kelly and Katie made up was much erin will be home soon..that's great..this little scare definitely helped her realize that having a healthy baby after what happened, is sooo impostor be thankful for...glad her and the baby are okay..please update
2/23/2015 c66 sandygirl
That was the cutest way to let everyone know about the baby i just loved it now i just hope everything stays that way cause if anything happens i don't know if Erin will bounce back ok, but i digress this was a great chapter all around, i loved everyone coming to see her, Adam and the fetal doppler made me laugh, Erin back to her bossy self was great too. I'm loving the idea of a new baby so i hope it works out, but the best part to me was correcting the dr. and calling herself Mrs. Severide it just melted my heart. Best and longest update so far can't wait for more.
2/23/2015 c66 sydcasy
Loved it, the annoucement was awesome :D:D:D Can't wait for more!
2/20/2015 c63 jdubbs
I hope Erin and the baby are okay! Update soon!
2/22/2015 c65 sydcasy
phew, was afraid she'll have amnesia or something! glad they both will be ok, waiting for more :D:D:D
2/22/2015 c65 Michnkicks
You do such a great job! Love this story
2/22/2015 c65 sandygirl
Oh i'm so glad Erin finally woke up and got to hear her babys' heartbeat to let her know they were ok, i laughed how she didn't believe Kelly or Voight when they told everything was ok, sad to see her in so much pain but i hope she gets to go home and take it easy for a little while. I loved the end when Kelly got into bed with her so cute. I just hope everything stays ok with her and the baby. Can't wait for more.
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