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2/22/2015 c65 LaJoyMechell
So glad erin woke up..sorry she was in such pain though..but with the medicine I'm glad she got some relief..and she got proof the bay was alright, which is what she really needed...hope she will get to go home soon...please update
2/21/2015 c64 sydcasy
So glad that the baby is ok! Loved the update, can't wait for more!
2/21/2015 c64 LaJoyMechell
This chapter had me on an emotional roller coaster! I was soooo worried about erin and the heart can rest a little easier knowing that they are both okay though...kelly was going through this chapter...I know he was angry and needed someone to blame, but now he has pushed Katie away..I hope she comes back so he can wasn't her fault, it was an accident that no one saw coming...voight was so helpful this chapter...I mean erin is basically his daughter so I wasn't expecting him to be thinking so rationally..but I'm glad he did. When kelly saw what erin bought..I as hoping the baby would survive, because if not that would have made the scene so much more heartbreaking and ironic...please update
2/21/2015 c64 Michnkicks
Still was a good chapter
2/21/2015 c64 sandygirl
Voight really is a big softy where Erin is concerned, that being said this was such a great chapter, had me laughing at how Kelly was with Voight, had me crying when Kelly saw her purchases and when he was trying to talk to Katie, crying when he first saw the accident and mostly crying when he heard that little heartbeat. I know it's not over yet but i was so not wanting to read this update yet but at least for now Erin and the baby are fine, i know that can change and i'm ready, i do hope Kelly works everything out with Katie cause she has to know he was just worried are his family but to throw a fit like that and just leave when he needs her most was a little juvenile in my books. Thanks again for another tearful, wonderful update.
2/20/2015 c63 biihzane
YES! FINALLY SOME DRAMA! Ok, so, Erin'll lost the baby, right? Hahahahah
2/20/2015 c63 LaJoyMechell
Hope everything will be okay with the weather..that sounds pretty bad...and loved another mommy and daughter day...the shopping, and playing...then the dinner erin planned along with Katie's help...but then the bomb got dropped..I did NOT see that coming at all! I hope that erin and the baby are okay! Omg PLEASE UPDATE
2/20/2015 c63 sandygirl
Oh man i knew it was too good to be true, all over stupid tomatoes so she could have a nice dinner with her hubby, i guess this is where we can say good bye too baby number two if i guess right and the drama that will follow cause i'm sure if i call this right Erin is gonna blame herself and shut her loved ones out and throw herself into her work cause we really haven't had that much sadness since their wedding. All i'm gonna ask is if you have her lose the baby please let her and Kelly get through this together as a family cause they're really gonna need each other. If i've jumped the gun i'm sorry but i think i could be right on this, sad but right cause i really wanted to see them try to juggle two babies. Can't say i want to see the next update but i'll have my tissues just in case and i'm glad everyone is safe.
2/20/2015 c63 sydcasy
Oh please tell me Erin's fine! Loved the update, dying to know what will happen next!
2/19/2015 c62 202Daisyangel
Another great chapter. I hope you're safe from the cyclone.
2/19/2015 c62 LaJoyMechell
That pancake combo didn't seen to bad actually ...sounded fine to me...and love Kelly's gift! He's so ready to be a dad again...and so am I, can't wait for them to share such a special time again..and Shay gets to be a big sister! Please update
2/19/2015 c62 sydcasy
Loved the update, can't wait for more!
2/19/2015 c62 sandygirl
Well first and foremost please be safe and hope everything is ok and the family is safe we can do without an update for a few days as long as you're safe cause without you we have no wonderful story so please be safe, that being said Thank You so much for this update is was just what i needed, it made me laugh, it made me smile to see this family interaction after the week i've had so thank you once again for this great update. In my book you had everything down right so good job, i do love how Erin is getting very territorial about her job afraid that Kim is gonna take it, i'm also glad Hank made her go home and take a few days off.
2/19/2015 c62 biihzane
Cyclone?! OMG HAHhah And I'm worried that we almost have no water here in Sao Paulo, Brazil HhHahahaha I love the last two chapters, and I really, REALLY think that we need some drama, but not between Kelly and Erin, but with Kelly and Erin.. Some bad accident with both at work, baby loss, idk hahahahah Think about it, it'd be interesting
2/18/2015 c61 Daisyangel
Loving this! When will Erin and Kelly tell everyone about baby number 2?
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