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2/18/2015 c61 sandygirl
Yeah she keeps this pace up it's gonna be a long nine months for Kelly and Voight, but like it or not Erin has to realize she has a baby too think about, she's the one that wanted another baby whether it be for Kelly or not she made that decision so she needs to take better care of herself for her family and herself. I don't know if i like this fed guy David, hope he isn't trouble but i just want this case to be over, i need a fluff chapter soon. Can't wait for the next update cause i missed our little princess in this update.
2/17/2015 c60 LaJoyMechell
Glad Erin's getting closer to putting this monster behind bars...but I just want her to be careful about it..not getting enough sleep and food in her system can be detrimental to her and the baby...and awhhh...severide wishes erin had his last name..I get where he's coming from..that he wants the world to know that she us all his..but she will be no matter what, as mrs. Severide or erin Lindsay...please update
2/17/2015 c60 sandygirl
Well i will say one thing for you, you've got a gift for this writing the stuff you come up with as far as these murders are concern is totally awesome, how they handle it was great and Voight yelling at Erin to go home and Erin finally seeing the missing piece was great. That being said i hope she doesn't over work herself to much that she does harm to herself or that baby cause them we'll be seeing real drama. I so loved Kelly bringing Shay and some sweets for her cause she didn't get to see them before she left was so sweet. Really can't wait for the next update to see the missing link to this case.
2/17/2015 c60 biihzane
AWESOME! OMG THIS ONE WAS AWESOME! Can't wait for tomorrow
2/16/2015 c59 biihzane
Erin's going to nail it! Hahahah
2/16/2015 c59 sandygirl
Oh i hate when you leave us with these little quips too think over and ponder, cause you know me i'm gonna think the worst but that's ok cause i still loved the update, i'm sorry i'm just loving them with this little girl and what she puts them through. I think even though it doesn't seem so sometimes they are meant to have kids cause they are great them. I really could have slapped Katie for complaining so much about Shay not being use to her bed and not sleeping, cause she is staying there for free. I'll say i can't wait for the next update but i'm not so sure.
2/16/2015 c59 LaJoyMechell
Shay went to sleep! The entire night...he plan was a cousin was the same...we bought her a new princess bed, and she slept anywhere but we eventually took the bed down, and let her have her hope Shay gets used to hers...and I have no idea what's erin has in mind to prove herself...I just hope it's safe...please update
2/16/2015 c58 LaJoyMechell
Awhhhh...kelly really lives erin...though he thought it was mean, I thought it was sweet that he cares to the point that he hates the thought ...and Kelly's in for a long ride, if erin continues to use the fact that she's the one who experiencing all the would too...and poor Katie, I know she didn't mean to ruin shays costume...but I too thought the worst when she apologized ass soon as erin and kelly entered...there replaceable..Shay isnt...and kelly finally got his night accomplished...
2/15/2015 c58 Michnkicks
Shay should interrupt them lol
2/15/2015 c58 sandygirl
Gotta love the way you think, you did have me scared there for a minute with all the doctor talk cause i know some people think it's too soon for a new baby but i like the idea of seeing how Shay will be with a new baby and having to share mommy and daddy. That being said i loved their date night, i laughed at the whole katie drama especially when it was just Shay's costume that was ruined, cause like Erin i thought something happened to the baby, and what is up with that damn cat. As always another great update can't wait for more.
2/14/2015 c57 LaJoyMechell
Katie's here! Super excited to see some adventure between her and her lovely niece...and date night is coming up! So looking foward to that...LINSERIDE time ...please update
2/14/2015 c57 sandygirl
Well i'm all for slowing things down, spending time with the family and each other, i'm also ok with skipping ahead cause i really want to see every ones reaction to the new baby. I can't wait for their date night cause they haven't done one in a while. Thanks for another great update, cute as usual, i was a little scared when they went back to where Erin was shot but everything work out so i'm good. It's also good that Katie is there to help out so they can spend more time together.
2/14/2015 c56 LaJoyMechell
Loved Shay and erin time! Shay dressed as a dragon has to be the cutest image in my head ever! She loves her music me of my cousin..she was obsessed with the ice cream and cake song from Dairy Queen...any time she was happy, sad, air whatever we'd have to sing it for her...I love ikea too...omg I can stay there all day...Shay is soo fun to read, shes growing up so fast...can't wait until Katie gets here...please update
2/14/2015 c55 LaJoyMechell
Haha...the "blaze" movie is back! I agree...I'm pretty sure kelly would have just as many things from the movie as Shay if he what they're doing for Newhouse's daughter is so sweet...look at voight helping out...awhhhh...and Shay is a genius...babies do tend to pick up on things pretty fast, so her little gravity lesson was hilarious...I was curious as to how she kept getting out the I see...looks like her parents are going to have their hands full...and Katie's coming! So excited to see whats next...
2/14/2015 c54 LaJoyMechell
Erin's pregnant! That's great news...I can so see Shay being a good big sister...and kelly and erin are back on good terms...I hate to see them fight even if it's they have a new sorce of joy! Lol...Shay just popping up at an awkward time like that...loved this chapter
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