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2/13/2015 c53 LaJoyMechell
The anticipation is killing me! Love that Shay is so adorabke...her cuteness distracted me from Erin's situation for a while...playing endless games of hide and seek, and soggy piza crust...but I was reeked right back in when kelly answered Erin's phone and found out about the test..uh oh...
2/13/2015 c52 LaJoyMechell
Well, glad Erin's back, though I liked them being on the island...being at home with Shay and at new vocabulary word was something unexpected...I'm not surprised she dropped the "f" bomb, after hearing Jay after his bad hockey for erin...i hope she makes the right decision...has me a little nervous
2/13/2015 c51 LaJoyMechell
Sounds like they had a lovely time...these two together...I should have known was mr. and mrs. Severide we're going to be up to...and even though erin doesn't want to change her last name, I think it was really sweet for her to please kelly and pretend for the week...and a change in eating habits, and nausea..hmmmm..erin?
2/13/2015 c50 LaJoyMechell
Loved the wedding! The vows were so special yet simple...and I agree with erin completely, that having Shay up there,made the event all the more special...I hooe kelly and erin a long and happy life, with their beautiful daughter...and more kids if they'd like...every wedding I've ever been to, the bride has been late, or the wedding started late..but they were all good...congrats to the new couple
2/13/2015 c56 West43
I really love this story but it's bothering me how quickly Shay learns to do things, (walk talk, etc.) especially in this chapter she was talking and acting like a 4 year old. Here's what Google says about when babies learn to talk: Baby talk at 18 months. Babies at this age say up to 10 simple words and can point to people, objects, and body parts you name for them. They repeat words or sounds they hear you say, like the last word in a sentence. But they often leave off endings or beginnings of words. They also don't start walking until they're about 10-12 months but otherwise I love this story
2/13/2015 c56 sandygirl
First off i loved this chapter cause we never really have a mommy daughter day so it was really cute to see them singing and shopping it was just adorable, can i say i really can't wait for this new baby, that is if their is going to be a new baby, don't want to get ahead of myself. Can't wait for the next update, missed you a little yesterday hope you got everything you needed, i too love IKEA. As for the Dawsey baby i say a boy and i love the name Aiden Matthew.
2/9/2015 c53 Guest
I think Erin shouldn't be pregnant this time so she can go on the undercover assignment.
2/11/2015 c55 biihzane
I just lost my track and just could catch up the new chapters today, so, sorry HAHAHAHAH I loved all of them, don't know what to expect about Erin's new pregnancy
2/11/2015 c55 sandygirl
Well this was a great update as usual, i'm just loving this kid so much but what a handful she's gonna be with a new baby coming, they are gonna be so exhausted but i think it's gonna be great especially with Katie around for a little while to help out. Thanks for the great family time i love reading that so much, it's not that i don't like drama i just got enough in my own life i like reading family, fluffy SEXY update. Thanks again for another great update, have a great day and see you next update.
2/10/2015 c54 Michnkicks
Lol shay just walked in
2/10/2015 c54 sydcasy
2/10/2015 c54 sandygirl
Oh this was such a cute chapter, thank you for this. Now where to start off, i was really scared when they went on that run and shots were fired, i thought something was gonna happen before she could tell Kelly, but when she saw him at the station talking to Voight and the fighting still going on i was like oh Kelly you are gonna hate yourself later on, i loved when she finally told him about the baby it was everything i had hoped for and Shay interrupting them was just so precious, they better enjoy it why they can cause when baby number 2 comes they'll be making appointments to see each other. I do still wanna know why Katie is coming though. Once again another great update, how you come up with this is beyond me but keep up the great work.
2/9/2015 c53 biihzane
I LOVED THE LAST CHAPTERS! The wedding and the honeymoon was awesome, and also the rest hahahah BUT, Erin can't be pregnant right now, it's too soon, ler her just enjoy the married life for a little while. And why Katie is coming? At least they'll have someone to look after Shay sometimes e make good food hahahah
2/9/2015 c53 sydcasy
Kelly's news flash is so not what it should be. Big things like that you have to discuss first. I get why Erin didn't want to get his hopes up but after he answered her phone she should have told him.
Great update, can't wait for more!
2/9/2015 c53 sandygirl
Ok i can deal with that, but i hope he's ok if she is pregnant considering she planned it without talking to him but why would he let his sister move in with them since they just got married and not talk to her about it first. I'll say one thing they are a match made in heaven cause neither of them seem to realize that they're married now you have to talk things through with you're spouse before you make major life decisions like that. I hope everything turns out ok on both fronts cause i really want her to be pregnant. I liked this chapter just wish it was longer.
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