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2/8/2015 c52 sandygirl
Oh man I don't even want to know what decision she made, I guess all good things come to an end, we had some really great chapters leading up to and including their beautiful wedding so please whatever drama is planned don't let it affect them to much cause i'm just loving them as a wonderful married couple with a beautiful baby. PLease!
2/8/2015 c51 sandygirl
This was a great chapter, I loved everything about it and they are Married and on a wonderful honeymoon but what is really going on with Erin, I hope it's nothing serious but we'll see. I loved how Kelly bought her favorite dress and that lovely Linseride loving just goes without saying. Thanks for another wonderful update can't wait for more.
2/8/2015 c52 Michnkicks
Uh oo hope she's not pregnant? Shays gonna be jealous
2/8/2015 c51 sydcasy
I really hope will get another baby Severide soon :D:D:D:D:D loved the honeymoon update!
2/6/2015 c50 sandygirl
Well as usual you did a great job, had me crying just reading it, i'm so glad it wasn't traditional because that's not them. I'm loved everything from Erin staying with Hank, the car breaking down cause I can just picture Erin hijacking that cab to seeing Kelly when he saw her in that gown. Thanks so much for this wonderful story and the time and love you put into every chapter it is so appreciated. Can't wait for more.
2/6/2015 c49 sandygirl
Sorry the review is late but here it is I loved this chapter so much, didn't even bother me that she has Jay as a groomes man cause they are finally tying the knot. I loved this chapter, the playful banter, erin not believing that every thing was ready but I was sad to hear about her old apartment. Thanks for another great update and hopefully we're on to the wedding
2/6/2015 c50 sydcasy
Loved this story, amazing ending to an amazing writing!
2/3/2015 c47 Guest
Love this story still
2/5/2015 c49 biihzane
Can't wait for tomorrow's chapter!
2/5/2015 c49 202Daisyangel
So what's Erin up to?
2/2/2015 c46 Guest
OMG this is interesting
2/4/2015 c48 sandygirl
This was a surprise chapter, i loved everything about, i will admit you had me scared there for a moment cause i thought some couple drama was coming for Linseride but it all turned out so great. I agree about dawsons wedding Linseride should upstage them this is their story, i'll be honest i have my favorite bear that still sleeps with my grown up self so i loved that part. I just can only say i loved everything about this chapter and am getting so excited for their wedding, my only upset is that i'm going out of town for 5 days so i won't be able to read any updates till i get home but that will give me something to do when i get back on monday. So i will review eveything i missed on monday for you.
2/3/2015 c47 biihzane
Soooo, tomorrow we have Matt and Gabby's wedding, and two chapters after, we have Kelly and Erin's wedding? YES! Hahahah And Cristiano will go after Erin, but where? At the wedding? Who knows hahahah
2/3/2015 c47 sandygirl
Well whatever you have to do to stick to that will be great, i just want them to finally get to this point cause i can't wait for this wedding too happen, i just hope whatever you have planned goes off without to much drama cause i'm missing the Linseride sexy moments and their family moments. I really thought that they were gonna have a giant argument when Erin wouldn't tell Kelly what was going on but that didn't happen so thanks for that. Cant wait for your next updates to come. THANKS for another great and interesting update.
2/2/2015 c45 LaJoyMechell
Shay ice skating has to be the most adorable thing ever! And she's a natural, love it! And my first and favoraite word was "no" granny said I said it as a response for every question...I was a like kelly is more into being simplistic when it comes to the planning...but I'm glad that he is letting erin make all the's kind of sweet she gets the last say
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