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2/2/2015 c46 biihzane
I so loved this chapter! Really awesome, congrats
2/2/2015 c46 sandygirl
This was very mysterious i must say, i like this part some times as long as Erin isn't hurt or her and Kelly end up fighting about it cause there has been way to much injuries on both of their sides and i want them to be healthy for their wedding. I did miss having family time a little i've kinda gotten use to it but it's ok to have a little drama after all the family time you have given us. Now i can't wait for the next update, great chapter as always.
2/1/2015 c45 sandygirl
Well i'm glad you did have family time with them, so thank you for that i can just see that little girl on the ice skates, i too have seen toddlers on ice skates and they look adorable so the part was great. I'm glad that you decided to have their wedding at the Botanic Gardens this sounds like it's going to be such a beautiful wedding. Thanks for another great update as we get closer the our Linseride wedding.
2/1/2015 c45 biihzane
This one was SO CUTE! And I can't wait for the wedding
2/1/2015 c43 Michnkicks
Great story! My favorite of everyone I've read
1/31/2015 c27 Michnkicks
Olson cute! Aww
1/31/2015 c23 Michnkicks
I've been reading this all day great story
1/31/2015 c9 Michnkicks
Absolutley love it
1/31/2015 c44 sandygirl
This was such a cute update, i loved that kelly gave that little girl cake for breakfast, i mean she's only one once so she gets a little treat as long as he didn't do it again. I can just picture those idiots it that Bounce house cause i've had that pleasure to see drunk idiots in a bounce house, i loved that next up is the wedding plans cause i can't wait for this wedding to happen, i also hope Erin gives in to maybe one more baby Severide PLEASE!. I did love Erin trying to be the responsible parent then giving in that junk food won't hurt every now and then, and that little girl saying i love you was priceless. Thanks for updating while you're sick and i hope you feel better soon.
1/31/2015 c44 biihzane
Linseride drama is the best! Hahahah Poor Newhouse, but he'll be fine (: And I hope you get well
1/30/2015 c43 202Daisyangel
I liked the chapter. Did Hayden replace someone or is the unit just expanding? Sorry if this was mentioned before I don't remember it.
1/30/2015 c43 sydcasy
Loved it, time flew by quickly! Can't wait for more!
1/29/2015 c43 LaJoyMechell
Shays birthday went oretty good...loved all the gifts she got...each gift had a special reason it was given, which was the packs of socks she got from Cindy...and love the character throw back...I can tell some work went into this chapter, so great job...well I loved every chapter so...can't wait until the wedding! So happy for them...please update
1/29/2015 c43 sandygirl
This was a great chapter all around, i loved Shays party i can't believe she's already one, i loved everyone being there and how fast it went from a kiddie party to an adult party, i just loved to book you had Cindy make, i'm just glad it was a great couple of days that were drama free. Can't wait for the chapters leading up to our Linseride wedding. Glad you have a great holiday and got to see your doggie, thanks again for another great update.
1/29/2015 c43 biihzane
You're so patient, and OMG, this chapter was the cuttest ever! Hahahahha When Kelly'll go back to work?
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