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for Baby Severide

1/27/2015 c42 biihzane
I loved this chapter, and can't wait for the wedding! Hahahahha They'll have their honey moon alone, right? Will grandpa Hank take care of Shay for them?
1/27/2015 c42 LaJoyMechell
This cahapter was so comparison with the chapter before last, this is really good progress for erin and kelly...and happy almost birthday to Shay...her first parents are doing an awesome job at that kelly and erin are getting along so well,
1/27/2015 c42 sandygirl
No this was a great update, you're right they do need to talk things out and resolve things cause sweeping them under the rug only lasts so long before they come back, clearing the air and working through what happened and dealing with it head on keeps the communication going and the problems to a minimum. But i did love all the planning and Shay time that was cute, can't wait for her party, their party and god willing their wedding. Safe journey home and see you on the next update.
1/24/2015 c39 Joy
I love gabby and all, but I know that she is a dawson ..and that comes with a whole attitude of its own..I can see her actually being a bridzilla as well..her and rules just don't seem to go I'm glad they erin wasn't a pushover either..hopefully she will find a dress for they special day...but she's not too picky so it should go fine..and sorry I'm being so complicated ..I'll try and make an account as soon as possible..thank you so much for your patience..please update
1/26/2015 c41 biihzane
I loved this chapter, and will miss your daily updates
1/26/2015 c41 sandygirl
Well i'm glad for their sakes as well as that little girls sake that they are going to work it out, cause they have been through way to much to have it end like that. Both of them need to learn that they have that special person in their lives forever so that they can rely on someone else besides themselves, someone who will listen and hopefully not past judgement because they are in this for the long haul they need to remember that they're not alone anymore. Thanks for letting them both see the error of their ways.
1/26/2015 c41 sydcasy
big mistake, they should talk about it! Can't wait for more.
1/26/2015 c41 LaJoyMechell
Such a good chapter...apologies on both parts and some kind of forgiveness and understanding, and I'm all good...though they do need to talk, i agree with erin, and I just enjoyed reading them taking a break from the stress and fights and enjoying an intimate moment together..and as for the prompt with the snow..I'm all for it, couldn't have thought of a better prompt myself...I love the idea...can't wait until next update
1/26/2015 c40 202Daisyangel
Nooooooooooo! They have to be okay. He can't screw this up!
1/23/2015 c38 Joy
Ahhh! So excited...this is such an amazing story, so this is the like the greatest gift ever. I'm so happy that voight and erin worked things out. They are far to close, and love each other to much to have a rift in their relationship. Voight telling her he's proud of her was all I neede to hear to know that everything will be alright between them. Erin's close call gave me a scare, and judging by her want to get married asap, it has scared her too. Life is to short...I'm just excited for the wedding...and I do have an ...again thank you sooo much..please update
1/25/2015 c40 LaJoyMechell
First happy that erin is going to wear camille's much meaning behind that, hank crying when he saw her in it, really tugged at my heartstrings..but omg! What has gotten into kelly...I sant to say that his job is hard and that he's under a lot of pressure, but his behavior was unacceptable..drinking doesn't solve problems, it only creates more..I grew up with an alcoholic grandfather, who drank from the time he woke up until he stumbled in the house late..and one thing I hated was he always yelling and saying stupid things much like kelly...when kelly threw that bottle I got so worried. His words were really harsh too..I thought he was actually going to hit erin...not cool..please update..and as for the story you said you'd write, i don't have an idea right now..but I'm thinking, if you could pitch some that'd be great
1/25/2015 c40 biihzane
He will regret about his stupids actions
1/25/2015 c40 sydcasy
What the hell is going on with Kelly?! Can't wait for more.
1/25/2015 c40 sandygirl
I love this story and i understand that drama is part of life but come on don't you think it's time to give them a break, let them plan their wedding and get on with life, why does Kelly always have to be a jerk and not talk, why does Erin always have to leave, it's just getting to be a pain not only does she take the ring off and give it back but takes the baby and runs to Voughts, if anything she should have given Voight the baby then went back and screamed and yelled till he told her what's wrong. I will say please don't have them cheat on each other i know that's not likely but we all know how things happen. I'm not sure i wanna read the next update but i'll wait to pass judgement till then. One more thing just because he was frustrated and through that bottle does not mean he isn't the same man you love him fight for him don't give up so easily.
1/25/2015 c39 LaJoyMechell
Not a review..though you deserve many for such a great story..just letting you know I made an account...
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