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for Baby Severide

1/25/2015 c39 LaJoyMechell
Not a review..though you deserve many for such a great story..just letting you know I made an account...
1/23/2015 c37 vdb
Good chapter. I hope she works things out with voight.
1/24/2015 c39 202Daisyangel
Awe, I really hope she can wear Camille's dress.
1/22/2015 c31 Joy
Hope kelly will be Yep...definitely hoping he'll have no complications and will recover
1/22/2015 c33 Joy
Awhhh.i hate that kelly is hurt..and that its hurting erin for him to be away or injured..I hope that shays okay...not sure how she got out of the crib this story
1/22/2015 c34 Joy
Though severides proposal didn't quite go as planned, it was still aren't a traditional family anyways, but I still love them! Shay being apart of it was a realy smart move...loved it! I'm so happy for them
1/22/2015 c35 Joy
Loved this chapter...was really cute...Shay is adorable..I love reading about know from experience when ligle kids get a hold of anything sticky, the first thing they want to touch everything, especially their hair...and the movie sounded great...this family is so precious...
1/22/2015 c37 Joy
Sad Erin's still upset...but so glad that she went back to her childish ways..the fort was a beautiful idea..and they got a lot of things accomplished in a positive environment..something they all need right now..with all the party planning going on they will be pretty time is always so precious...I'm with erin...Shay is growing up so fast, now she depends on her parents, but one day she'll be doing things on her own and going to school..I think every parents fear is that their baby won't need them to help so much..they are going to move on..but Shay has quite a while before she gets I hope that erin will enjoy it...and I can't wait for the wedding..please update
1/22/2015 c36 Joy
I usually like voight...he's close to erin..but the stunt he pulled with having everyone ignore what was supposed to be a joyous moment in her life...that was a little low for least the firehouse had good results and were actually happy for them...and gabby and the girls are going to make amazing planners with erin..Shay is adorable as usual..I love her and pouch moments! But Erin's terrible experience with her dog, brought tears to my could someone be so cruel...okay, so maybe no family dog..please continue
1/22/2015 c37 Guest
I would love more sweet shay and erin scenes :) I love love love your story
1/24/2015 c39 sandygirl
Well i thought this chapter was cute, i agree about Gabby, i love her but i could see her going off on people to get what she wants for her wedding, that being said i love the idea of Erin wearing Camilles' dress that would make Hank and Erin kinda feel like she was there. I just have one question did i miss something about Jay and Kelly talking about Kelly proposing, i remember him telling him not to ask voight but that's all, is this going to become a problem later on i hope not cause i really don't want Jay involved to much cause he just creeps me out. Keep enjoying you vacation, can't wait for the next update, time jumps aren't bad especially if it gets us to their wedding sooner.
1/24/2015 c38 15HogwartsPrincess11587
My email is:
1/23/2015 c38 biihzane
1/23/2015 c38 sandygirl
Well i'm glad she talked everything out with Voight and they're back on track, it still surprised me that he was this upset that they got engaged i mean they have a baby, she totally loves the man but i guess Erin saying she never wanted to get married was probably before the baby so i guess i can understand. I can't wait for the wedding frenzy i just hope nothing or nobody else gets in the way. I can see you're still having a great time on vacation so see you on the next update, this one was great as usual.
1/23/2015 c38 sydcasy
Can't wait for Erin to handle the wedding frenzy :D:D:D:D
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