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1/21/2015 c36 sandygirl
Well i tried to hold off too be the 100th review but i waited long enough so here goes, i loved this chapter so much i can't wait for them too get married, i loved Shay falling asleep next to the dog, i can just picture Kellys' face when he told Erin again he wanted a dog but that story you came up with as to why she didn't want one was so sad, so thanks for another great update.
1/21/2015 c36 202Daisyangel
Voight has some explaining to do. I'm sure Kelly and Erin one of them at least will have words with him.
1/21/2015 c36 biihzane
Yaaay, loved this one! Hahah Poor Kelly, he just wanted a dog, but that's okay, all I want now, is a big BIG wedding for them
1/20/2015 c35 Daisyangel
It's funny I think adults, especially guys get almost more excited about kids movies than the kids. lol I know the movie you mentioned was made up, but Kelly's reaction was adorable.
1/20/2015 c35 sandygirl
Well i thought is was very cute family update which i will take over drama any time, but i know that drama is part of life but i'll take planning the wedding drama as long as we get the wedding and i could just picture her looking at Kelly while he was sleeping cause i know i could. I'm glad Hank is ok with it and i can't wait to see everyone's reaction. I'm glad you're having a good time and it's really great that you are taking the time to update while you're away so thanks for that.
1/19/2015 c34 littlelegendSA
Throughly enjoying this story! Please keep writing, it's great!
1/17/2015 c34 biihzane
It was perfect! I really really loved it! The M rated was really good, congrats hahahha And idk, by the end, I think they'll have a big wedding, Erin looking like a princess in her wedding dress and everything. Honeymoon need to be without Shay, PLEASE! She can stay with Gabby, Voight, Cindy and Jay hahahah
1/17/2015 c34 sandygirl
This was by far the best and cutest proposal we could ask for, i really loved everything about this update and i do mean everything, i loved him having the baby be involved couldn't be any cuter, the only part i didn't care for was Halstead he had no business not letting Kelly ask Voights permission i mean he is like her father. Other than that you did your best work here today, i'll miss no updates till Tuesday but this one will keep me going. Thanks again for this great story, after hearing about the episode of CPD and Linstead getting together i'm rereading all Linseride stories. I hope your little trip you're taking is for fun cause you deserve it.
1/17/2015 c34 sydcasy
Loved the proposal it was perfect! Can't wait for the wedding :D:D:D:D
1/16/2015 c33 sydcasy
:D great update!
1/16/2015 c33 sandygirl
Well this was a good start to them making up, i'm glad they talked everything out and i was very proud of Kelly for offering to quit his job for his family that was great, that being said it was also nice to hear just how much Erin loves Kelly that was really sweet so thanks for another great update and we'll miss them everyday but we'll survive.
1/15/2015 c32 sydcasy
1/15/2015 c32 biihzane
I liked this chapter, Erin's kinda of a insane person, and poor Kelly HAHAHAHAH Hurted and confused, but Erin'll make it up for him, I'm pretty sure of it. And I also think that's time for Kelly to think about Capp's words and ask her to marry him
1/15/2015 c32 Daisyangel
Sometimes stories have a mind of their own. Glad he's back home and that Voight is going to be okay.
1/15/2015 c32 sandygirl
Well it was a good update, i think Erin just needed to get everything off her chest, what happened to Hank, seeing Kelly hurt once again, everything just finally took it's toll that being said i love that little girl where her daddy is concerned, she is just to cute. All i'm gonna ask is if we can have a little fun and romance for a chapter or two now that Kelly is home. I look forward to these great updates every morning.
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