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1/14/2015 c31 biihzane
Poor Erin! This will be interesting, can't wait for tomorrow
1/14/2015 c31 sandygirl
I'm so looking forward to this reunion, i think first she's gonna be mad, probably slap the shit out of him, them she's gonna hug him, kiss him and cry her eyes out that he and Voight are ok, everything is gonna come out that she's been feeling for the last 24 hrs. I'm sure miss Shay is gonna be most happy to see her daddy. Another great update and i can't wait for the next one.
1/14/2015 c31 sydcasy
Glad they're both relatively ok, poor Erin will have her hands full! Can't wait for more.
1/13/2015 c30 biihzane
Loved this chapter, but I wish we could have more drama with Kelly. I mean, a house rooftop just fell over him, so, it can't be just a broken leg hahahah Erin'll freak out
1/13/2015 c30 sydcasy
Glad that they're both ok, at least for now! Waiting for more :D
1/13/2015 c30 sandygirl
It was a great update and i'm glad that you didn't kill either of them, you did fine with all things medical so don't worry, but i miss Kelly and Erin so how much longer till he comes home cause she really needs him right now. I think him coming home and proposing to Erin would be perfect cause maybe she''ll have realized how short life is. (On a side note i took CPD off of my DVR list cause i can't stand that Linstead is gonna happen this week and we have no more Linseride so i love reading Linseride stories now)
1/10/2015 c27 Joy
That boarding was a tissue box moment! I tried to keep my cool, I swear...but when Shay kept saying "dada"...and squirming, and erin trying to calm her...I was gripping my seat...then she walked, and my cool melted right along with my mascara...kelly got to see her walk before he boarded! ...and Shay got to show the whole adorable...and I'm glad erin could reach the guy and get him in she has 10 days alone with Shay...hope they won't be to hard on them ...thanks for a wonderful chapter...please update
1/12/2015 c29 biihzane
God, why?! Hank will be okay, but poor Erin.. I really want something to happen with Kelly HAHAHAHAHAHAH Drama mode on. Can't wait for tomorrow
1/12/2015 c29 sydcasy
I really hope both of them will survive! Can't wait for more.
1/11/2015 c28 biihzane
1/11/2015 c28 sandygirl
Oh yes please lets have a proposal cause it is so time for that, Erin is ready to say yes i just know it. If something happens to either one of them please nothing too bad.
1/11/2015 c28 sydcasy
Hope proposal is in the near future :D:D:D:D Great as always!
1/10/2015 c27 biihzane
I knew it! And I can imagine, something like this happend to me once, and it's hard, really hard to go away when your loved ones are crying and everything. Well, congrats! And I hope we'll have some drama, because I'm so ready for some Severide accident HAHAHAHHAHA
1/10/2015 c27 sydcasy
Aww how sweet, she took her first steps for Kelly :D:D:D
1/10/2015 c27 sandygirl
This was really great and you did them justice with that very sexy scene, it was just what we were all looking for, and the scene with Shay walking too her daddy made me cry too, they are gonna get through this as long as neither of them get hurt, Kelly needs to just get the job done, be very careful then head home and finally realize how much he loves Erin and can't be without her so it's time to have a very romantic proposal once and for all. Thanks again for another great update and can't wait for more.
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