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for Baby Severide

1/10/2015 c27 11Robigna88
This was the sweetest chapter ever! So lovely. And little Shay is too cute! Good job!
1/9/2015 c26 biihzane
So cute! The last part broke my heart.. I toughtt they'd have a night of love, but this is also very good. And I think we have some drama coming?
1/9/2015 c26 sandygirl
This was a great update, i just love them as a family and please don't let anything happen to Kelly cause i could really see Halstead trying to move in on her and i would have to punch him. Can you tell for some reason i really can't explain i can't stand Jay on the show or in stories i just can't explain he just rubs me the wrong way.
1/9/2015 c26 sydcasy
Loved it, hope Kelly will come back in one piece! Can't wait for more.
1/8/2015 c25 biihzane
Loved this chapter, but could be a little longer.. Hahahah Will we have some Linseride drama? I mean, with the fires in Colorado, something could happen hahahah It'd be interesting And I'm also waiting for Severide's marriage proposal to Erin!
1/8/2015 c25 sydcasy
Typical reaction of people who don't have kids, blaming the parents not taking injuries seriously - I would hit Halstead if I were Erin! Awesome update, can't wait for more.
1/7/2015 c24 biihzane
Just awesome!
1/7/2015 c24 sandygirl
This was a really cute update, i agree what is more fun than having both houses together because they have become like family. I loved the part of Kelly putting the babies clothes on backwards,typical guy move but this was a really cute family day all round so thanks for that. Can't wait for you next update, i love waking up and seeing them.
1/7/2015 c24 sydcasy
Great update as always :D:D:D:D can't wait for more.
1/6/2015 c23 sandygirl
It was ok but i think you just need to let them love each other, have a little fun then some really great sex, let Erin believe Kelly when he says he loves everything about her and that she does look great after having the baby. They just need to relax and have some more fun in life. But it really was an ok chapter.
1/6/2015 c23 biihzane
I think it was yay HAHAHAHA Want more Linseride
1/5/2015 c22 biihzane
Sorry for not reviewing the last chapters, I was traveling, so didn't have time. I loved all, and stil think that you need to write a full Linseride chapter, with Kelly asking Erin to marry him, and a LOT of love
1/5/2015 c22 sandygirl
It was still a cute chapter, i love how Kelly is with the kids and i loved that Erin is thinking of having another one with him. I can't wait for the next update.
1/4/2015 c21 sandygirl
Now that is what i'm talking about, this was a great family day update, no drama,no work just them as a family. I know it can't always be like this but it is nice to have every now and again. Great job on the whole update, Thank You. I just love how you are righting Shay she sounds like such a fun baby.
1/1/2015 c17 jezika
Chapter 18 doesnt appear to be showing, Ive tried multipul times and cant see it, I was really looking forward to reading it and it says its been up for around 14 hours.
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