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12/25/2002 c7 10Maartje
I am never gonna read an unfinished fic again! I looooove this! I need to know what happens next! I will not be able to sleep until you give me something more (6 chapters and a prologue aren't enough, by a long shot) so write on, and save all the coffee in my house!...well, most of it... for a little while... :D Ya get my pont right? I love your fic, truly.

12/25/2002 c7 2gadzooks
good good good good good, great. i loved this chapter, i only hope you finish the next one soon! i didn't get to reading your other story but i will definetly get to it. great well talk 2 u later.
12/19/2002 c6 8veggie5
Zarah! :)

:) First, you are so sweet... thanx for your kind words about my fic... *blushes* But yes... back to the main point... your fic! I love it! :D ooh... please please update soon!
12/17/2002 c5 fab
this is very intriguing story. I am still searching out this Mara character. A phrase that I think will stand out as the crux of the story though is the death of one is better than the death of all. eagerly waiting next chapter
12/17/2002 c6 Beckers
“Now is your the time to choose, foreigner. The death of one… or the death of all?”

Oh good grief! And I thought I was a baddy with cliffhangers! Great chapter, Zarah! :)
12/17/2002 c6 10TLWROX
Sorry I kinda 'screamed' in my last review, zarah- I get REALLY into fics, sometimes... heehee... ;)

Wow- this is reminding me of a LW ep- uh- Unnatural Selection? Where that healer brought Ned back from the dead, then turned evil, and they had to track him down and kill him or risk everyone else's lives?

Anyway- AWESOME chapter- could completely feel Marguerite's fear. REALLY good job with that... Hope we get another chapter from you before the holidays! Have a good one! :) :) :)
12/12/2002 c5 8veggie5
? WHAT ON EARTH JUST HAPPENED? Yipes! Alright... this fic is so well written! You've managed to throw me in a complete loop... was definitely not expecting that! :D At least he's not dying! YAY!

As for sleep... :) I haven't been getting much in that department... stupid exams... :P two more till I'm FREE! :) Then I'll get back to work on my fics...! I promise..! :)

Keep up the great work on yours! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Well... you evil writer, you! :) I'll except your peace offering (this time) ;) lol! I'm sleep deprived... I SHOULD get off the comp... which I Will do eventually! But couldn't leave till I read your newest chappie! Okey... I'm rambling now... I think that's my cue to leave... shutting up now! :D
12/11/2002 c5 10TLWROX
EXACTLY! "What in bloody hell?" That's exactly what I screamed when I finished reading this chapter! AHHHH! This was AWESOME! What's happening to Roxton? (I know, I know- no spoilers- I always type rhetorical questions- sorry! ;) This was- whew. That's all I can say- I loved the scene at the beginning between M&V- so cute. And Roxton's voice in his head- saying that he didn't want Marguerite to see him die- awesome. This is SUCH a great story, I can't wait for chapter 5... (And thank you- That WILL pic DOES make up for you not having this by monday!) ;) :) :)
12/11/2002 c5 fab
it certainly is interesting are they having visions of what is to happen in future? also who would be more powerful than Magda perhaps Mara?
12/11/2002 c5 Margie
E-Gads! You ended it HERE? Now what am I supposed to do? Hurry up and write the next chapter! Is it good? YES! Am I keeping your interest? Of course! I would camp out by your computer if I thought you'd crank out the next chapter sooner. Plleeaassee!
12/7/2002 c4 Guest
holy shit! that's freaky as all hell and i am absolutely loving it! damn, you're good at this;)

12/5/2002 c4 Jaclyn
*gapes* That IS one heck of a cliffhanger...please update soon! Intriguing fic, and well written!
12/5/2002 c4 TLWROX
WHOA! HOLY CRAP! This was unbelievable! Just one thing was a bit fuzzy to me- who screamed and who said that Marguerite was possessed? Magda- Veronica? It wasn't too clear... But OMG! Roxton with the blood! And him being STABBED! BY WHOM? AHHH! This is SO cliffhangerish! Can't WAIT for chapter 4...

(And yes- dirty minds we do have... LOL! I didn't see any M&R dancing in here, missy! ;) This was an AWESOME chapter! :) :) :)
12/4/2002 c4 8veggie5
Oh you evil evil... ack! i can't even finish my sentence! Stabbed? What? NOOOOOOOOO! Alright.. I told myself... one more fic before i go off to bed... and you leave me with Roxton being stabbed? Oh for pity's sakes! How am i supposed to sleep now? Begeez! Now i'm all worked up... but i still gots to sleep... stupid medical exam for job... :P But yes... can i just say i'm so happy you enjoyed my fics... :) I suck. I have all the time in the world to read other ppls but never enough time to write mine... prolly have to wait till AFTER my finals... :( unless i can sneak away some study time. Anywho... yes.. you're evil.. but you're also a very talented evil writer... ;) hee hee... keep up the great work! (which i know you will do!) Anxiously awaiting the next chappie!
12/4/2002 c4 Beckers
This is one spooky fiction.

Feel like this should have been written last October for Halloween!

And I'm liking it much. *WEG*

Gooood stuff.
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