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12/16/2014 c1 50xIAmAlsoAWe
This was just too cute! While I was reading it, however, I discovered something intriguing - your use of diction. I'm guessing you're English. If so, cool. If not, cool.
12/14/2014 c1 Guest
Adorable fic, although they both sound a bit British.
12/13/2014 c1 4CelicaChick
Soo sweet. Loved the idea that Cath's family accepts him.
12/13/2014 c1 9LuckyStarPham
Hehe it's me again. Just leave a comment in Tumblr and I'd like to leave another longer comment here.

I have one word to describe this fic, generally: LOVELY. That's the first word coming to my mind while I'm reading it.

It's so lovely to read about the moments Steve and Catherine simply enjoy their lives together, without their friends in Hawaii, without any specific animal, without work, without duty bla bla bla. Just them, doing their activities, building sweet memories together.

It's so lovely to know more about Catherine and her rlsh with her mother. Not everything is perfect, everyone has their own "issue", even with their loved ones, and I totally love that. It's so practical. And it's so lovely to actually have a sneak peak on how Catherine shares her past with Steve. I'd love to read about the time when she told him about Chicago album too.

It's so lovely to read the feelings that Steve and Cath brings to each other. The safe feelings, the happiness... It always puts a smile in my face. I have two favorite sentences: "Cath bursts out laughing at that, the lovely melody of her mirth making Steve's heart thump happily, spreading a smile on his face. Her head lolls onto his shoulder, dark strands sticking out from underneath a red wool hat and that simplest of closeness somehow minimizes the aching throbbing in his body." And I love their positions after this scene. You describe it so well, I kinda really see the whole scene and FEEL IT. You nail it with your writing, babe. Congratulationsssssssss.

It's so lovely to know that you mention "star" on your fic haha. It makes my heart skip a heartbeat lol. And Robert's only line makes my eyes brimming with tears. Poor me. You know how much I love to visualize abt the Rollins family and your version of the Rollins family are so close to my imagination. It's so lovely to know how much Steve loves and feels at home when he's with her family.

And you know what is lovely the most? It's the fact that Steve thinks about THEIR FUTURE WITH KIDS, and makes plans for to you on that one. Thank you for treating McRoll so well and thank you for not forbidding them to get there, because they so deserve it. I do believe building a family with Catherine and having kids with her is one of Steve's sweetest, biggest, happiest dream.

Thank you for a sweet, great pre-Christmas fic. Can't wait for your another Christmas fic xoxo The first Christmas that they spent together as well as the Christmas in which Steve, Cath and their kids experience together xoxo
12/12/2014 c1 Guest
I liked this story very much!
12/12/2014 c1 MnemosyneMorrigan
Oh my God, you almost got me crying here! :') but in a good way. The most perfect way.

I am a sucker when it comes to Christmas, as you know, and as you are yourself, haha. So I did expect to get really lovely Christmas and winter stories from you, but it always seems like I never expect enough - you blow me away!

The lovely, funny beginning is just so cute, so into Christmas feeling. Wobbly Steve who is not so perfect and good at everything, who looks so adorable holding onto Cath and trying to keep up with her. I adore that kind of Steve, especially when he doesn't play the tough guy - with Catherine he always is able to admit his weaknesses and he laughs of himself. And is as usual a bit of a goof, an their playfulness is so natural, there's never a hint of "forcing" their teasing and innuendos in your stories - there's always the right amount of them, not too much, just enough and in great taste.

Then you punch me in the guts with all the details about Steve's feelings on spending Christmas with Cath's parents, and also about nostalgic Cath remembering how she loved to skate with her mum. I feel like Steve really felt at home there. And it wasn't too sugarcoated, because you added the "realistic" streak, like Mr Rollins and Steve being two males, who sure went for a Christmas tree, but spent more time drinking spiked coffee and talking (probably about Navy, gear, and football).

I think the mention of Steve picking Cath up to place the star on the top of tree is my favorite part, I just imagined that scene and it's oh so lovely.

But the most emotional part is when Steve makes plans for their future. It's not a solid plan, it's not a mission, it's their life. And he just knows there will be many Christmases together and he wants to intertwine their traditions. I like that he doesn't only want to get everyone to Hawaii, but wants to go with Cath (and their future kids) to visit the place where she grew up, where there's snow and different traditions. I feel like they both need that - Hawaii is their home, but sometimes they will need to get away and explore other family connections.

I absolutely love it. And with me almost crying over this one, I am sure I will sob when reading your fic about their first Christmas together.
12/12/2014 c1 tsclly
So funny to see the man who excells at everything he does have trouble ice skating...and the conversation was great
12/12/2014 c1 22sym64
I'm running out of words to tell you how much I love and enjoy your Steve/Cath stories. This one is my favorite so far.
I absolutely love it. This is the perfect Christmas story. Thank you so much for this special treat.

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