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for Properties of the Force

1/19/2016 c11 TaitanoRules555
Great job keep up the good work.
1/3/2016 c10 Guest
Great so far some chapters r a little long but good story telling can't wait to see where you go with it have a feeling that some of Trey's brothers r about to die but what one will it be
1/3/2016 c10 TaitanoRules555
Great chapter keep up the good work.
12/31/2015 c9 TaitanoRules555
Good chapter keep up the good work.
12/28/2015 c8 Guest
Great chapter! It's an amazing concept you have going right now, and I can't wait to see how you devolved it!
12/29/2015 c8 scottusa1
Good chapter.
Keep it up. Laters.
12/28/2015 c8 TaitanoRules555
Was this guy the Jedi from earlier chapters?
12/26/2015 c7 Guest
So, out of curiosity, is the female clone coming into play? Or was that just a little tidbit?
12/26/2015 c7 TaitanoRules555
Good chapter.
12/26/2015 c7 scottusa1
Good chapter.
Keep it up. Laters.
12/24/2015 c6 TaitanoRules555
Finally at last I caught up this story is really good.
12/24/2015 c5 TaitanoRules555
I like Quay because of his love for superheroes and good chapter keep up the good work.
12/24/2015 c4 TaitanoRules555
A angst Jedi well that's new which is good and I like it.
12/24/2015 c3 TaitanoRules555
Have you watched the new Star Wars movie yet because Finn and Trey both the same person I think?
12/24/2015 c2 TaitanoRules555
What color will this trooper wear?
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